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Looking for a live chat feature for my site

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#1 erstellt: 14. Nov 2012, 04:26
Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knows of a good free live chat feature I can use on my website? I've integrated google custom search which works well but I really need a chatroom or chatbox.
#2 erstellt: 21. Nov 2012, 07:39
You should try Chatwing, i've been using it on my websites and it makes everything more interactive and live, here ya go
#3 erstellt: 21. Nov 2012, 07:59
Chatwing has been running great on my site, my users really liked it. Thanks for the info thaters80... ^_^
#4 erstellt: 21. Dez 2012, 07:43
Also, the group chat feature is working very good for groups of any size you can create your personal vanity URL like:
If you are a gamer you can discuss tips, walkthroughs, and other information through the simple Chatwing application.
Also you can carry Chatwing everywhere coz Chatwing chat widget is now on the mobile scale.
This chat application can be used for different online purposes such as blogging, social media expansion, and even online marketing.
The Chatwing chat application is geared to become mobile-friendly, flexible, and versatile.
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