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CARBEST D15S LCD Fernseher - Test, Reviews und Bewertungen

39 cm (15, 6 Zoll) LCD-Fernseher, HD ready, LED-Backlight, 50 Hz, DVB-T Empfänger, CI+, USB

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  • Avatar von Prithvi 15 PROAC D15s finally on demo at ABSOLUTE PHASE.
    Guys, Finally got the spks cleared by customs this morning. I have yet to unpack the amazing & fourth in line of tower models from ProAc if you count the S125, S130 & S140. THE PROAC D15S. Demos open from Monday onwards. I need a bloody break, too many demos. And my little darling daughter\'s... weiterlesen → Prithvi am 25.02.2005 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 01.03.2005
  • Avatar von benkenobi 110 First views on Nad 320BEE
    Well, i hooked up my new Nad320BEE to my Wharfedale Diamond 8.4s using the new Wasatch speaker cables and Vivanco connectors. the source being my now one year old Harman Kardon DVD30. however, earlier i was using the DAC coaxial cable(with my reciever)butnow, i have used my new Van Den Hul... weiterlesen → benkenobi am 25.02.2005 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 18.07.2010
  • Avatar von samsam 5 Speakers with NAD 740
    I am looking speakers advice on my receiver NAD C740. I tried PSP speaker coupled with a similar NAD amplifer in a showroom, I was disapointed but listening a couple of proac sutdio 100 and 125 was amazing the space sound a this natural timber specially when powered with high duty amplifier.... weiterlesen → samsam am 23.03.2005 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 25.03.2005
  • Avatar von Prithvi 3 ProAc D100
    Guys, If you remember I had mentioned that the new D100s would be here for demo at AP, sadly yesterday they were sold to a lucky buyer in Cochin for Rs 18lacs. He is using two CLASSE 500w monoblocks with it. Tsk Tsk wish I had them for a day atleast. Well atleast you all ProAc fans can look... weiterlesen → Prithvi am 28.01.2005 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 30.01.2005
  • Avatar von jsa_ind 125 Speaker Design & Building What Is It All About ?
    All, Viren posted a very interesting link With his permission I have initiated this thread. Quite a few of us on the forum are into hardcore speaker design be it raw drivers or speaker cabinets. A few of us know all about speaker building.... weiterlesen → jsa_ind am 21.08.2005 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 02.11.2005
  • Avatar von Prithvi 21 NO MORE DEMOS OF PLINIUS SA-102
    Guys, Sadly today I had to part with the sa-102, as I had requested my client to take away the SA-102 before I became too attached to it. ALready missing it Client called up and thanked me for giving him the correct advise. Happy that he is happy So guys, those of you who missed... weiterlesen → Prithvi am 28.02.2005 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 04.03.2005
  • Avatar von Prithvi 3 NO MORE DEMOS OF PROAC STUDIO 125
    Guys, Just sold the ProAc Studio 125 (last pc), so no more demos on this model, nor can I import this model that has been discontinued. The new STUDIO 130 & 140 will be here shortly. As off now the D15S are still burning in. Still a long way to go, but they sound better day by day. Rgds Prithvi... weiterlesen → Prithvi am 02.03.2005 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 02.03.2005
  • Avatar von Arj 22 is there any site for 2nd hand Audio in India/Blr ? ?
    May be relocating out of India for a couple of years and do not want to carry my floorstanders with me..any idea how i can affect a sale ? rgds weiterlesen → Arj am 21.03.2005 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 27.03.2005
    Guys, Some of you have been waiting to listen to these fantastic spks. Finally they have just been shipped to Bangalore and are on the way. I should get them max by Monday or even earlier. Pls check with me on friday/saturday. Pls call me on 98440-94669 or 080-25327496 for a demo appointment.... weiterlesen → Prithvi am 22.12.2004 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 07.01.2005
    Guys. Just got the ARAGON 8008 200W PWR AMP, JEFF ROWLAND COSONANCE PRE-AMP for a few days on demo. WIll try the COSONANCE with the PLINIUS SA-102. Also coming this week are the new uprated BRYSTON 7B SST MONOBLOCK PWR AMPS (EACH RATED @ 600W RMS @ 8 Ohms & 900W @ 4 OHMS). This will be along... weiterlesen → Prithvi am 20.02.2005 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 21.02.2005
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Technische Daten zu CARBEST D15S

  • Generelle Merkmale
  • Bildverhältnis: 16:9
  • Produkttyp: LCD
  • Festplattenkapazität in GB: nicht vorhanden
  • 3D-tauglich: nein
  • 4k Upscaling-Funktion: nein
  • Curved Design: nein
  • Display
  • Bildschirmdiagonale in Zoll: 15.6
  • Auflösung Höhe in Pixel: 768
  • Auflösung Breite in Pixel: 1366
  • Full HD: nein
  • LED-Hintergrundbeleuchtung: ja
  • Bildwiederholrate in Hz: 50
  • Dolby Vision: nein
  • Ultra HD Logo: nein
  • Premium UHD Logo: nein
  • Anschlüsse
  • USB: ja
  • Anzahl Common Interface Slots (CI): 1
  • DLNA zertifiziert: nein
  • CI+: ja
  • WLAN: nein
  • Smart Connectivity: nein
  • Verbrauchsangaben
  • Leistungsaufnahme im Ein-Zustand in W: 30
  • Leistungsaufnahme im Standby-Zustand in W: 0.99
  • Energieeffizienzklasse (EU): k.A.
  • Ausstattung
  • Kontrastverhältnis (x:1): 500
  • HD ready: ja
  • Elektronische Programmzeitschrift (EPG): ja
  • DVB-C Empfänger: nein
  • DVB-T Empfänger: DVB-T MPEG4
  • DVB-S Empfänger: nein
  • HbbTV: nein
  • USB-Aufnahmefunktion: nein
  • Webbrowser: nein
  • App-Store Anbindung: nein
  • DVB-T2 Empfänger: nein
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR): nein
  • DVB-T2 HD Logo: nein
  • Tragbare DVD-Player
  • Bildschirmdiagonale in cm: 39
  • Größe / Gewicht
  • VESA Norm: nicht VESA kompatibel
  • Zubehör
  • Anzahl 3D-Brillen: nicht vorhanden

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