(Suche) Barco Graphics 800 oder vergleichbaren CRT Projektor

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#1 erstellt: 17. Dez 2007, 22:09
Hi Leute,

eigentlich wollte ich mir ja einen 52" Samsung M8 holen, nun suche ich aber doch erstmal einen CRT Projektor (Samsung M8 kommt aber trotzdem noch.).

Ich möchte aber erstmal nicht soviel Geld für den Projektor ausgeben und suche daher einen Projektor in einer günstigen CRT Klasse,wozu eben der Barco Graphics 800 gehört. Wenn ihr mir aber einen anderen Projektor mit vergleichbarer Qualität anbieten könntet,dann wäre das natürlich auch nicht schlecht.

Also dann macht mir mal ein paar Angebote:)
#2 erstellt: 15. Jan 2008, 18:30

Ich möchte meinen Seleco SVD 500 Plus verkaufen. Ein Top-CRT Beamer, absolut intakt. Einige Tausend Stunden runter, jedoch top gepflegt. Hier mal die technischen Daten:

Kaufdatum: Baujahr 1998/Kaufdatum Feb. 2003


Key Points

- New in-built UPC 2000 line doubler
- DVD ready with component input
- High definition lenses HD 145
- 1920 x 1080 interlaced HDTV capability
- Multiple inputs
- 2 output power supply to control motorized screens
- elegant design with rear cover to hide the cables

A superior technical specification and stylish design combine to create a unique mix of performance and elegance. The SIM2 SVD 500 PLUS HD offers the ultimate in high quality large screen viewing; an experience of image quality only available from CRT technology.

The SVD 500 PLUS HD features 7" high brightness CRTs and high definition, fully colour-corrected HD 145 lenses..

Featuring the latest in electronic innovation, the SVD 500 PLUS HD is fully modular in design and equipped with the latest SIM2's Up Converter (UPC 2000). By using gold-plated edge connectors to the main board, the UPC 2000 provides superior PAL/SECAM/NTSC signals by doubling the lines or doubling the field (100Hz).

Is features a DTI digital circuit to increase colour resolution, a COMB filter to reduce cross colour / cross luminance, a noise reduction system, a specific circuitry to enhance the dynamic focus, hue control (for NTSC) and sharpness control. Convergence and set up are controlled by remote and all of the projector parameters: set up configuration, image aspect ratios including 4/3, 16/9 anamorphic or widescreen and scan frequencies can be selected, copied, moved and saved in up to 25 different memory banks.

Also, the SVD 500 PLUS HD also accepts input signals with 15-16 KHz and 32-38 KHz horizontal frequency which allows you to display high quality video sources (PAL, NTSC, SECAM), the interlaced Grand Alliance HDTV as well as Personal Computer images (VGA, S-VGA). The SVD 500 PLUS HD offers a comprehensive range of inputs - RGB+Sync, Y-Cr-Cb (component input), VGA, S-VHS, Video 1 and Video 2 through SCART socket, BNC's, mini-DIN 4 pin and DB9 connector - all selectable by remote control.

SVD 500 Plus: Technical Features

CRT: 3 x 07MS 7“ high brightness, high resolution CRTs, liquid cooled, air coupling, average life more than 10.000 hrs
Lenses: 3 HD 145 high definition fully colour corrected by multilayer coating, high resolution, 135 mm focal length. F number f/1.03, focus adjustments for the centre and borders; optical resolution more than10 lp/mm at 50% MTF
Brightnesst: 950 lumens at white peak
Picture size: 60“-250“ diagonal screen width; 122 cm-508 cm
Installation: rear or front projection; either floor or ceiling mounted (ceiling bracket supplied)

Horizontal scan frequency: 15-16 KHz and 32-38 KHz autolock (VGA and S-VGA compatible)
Vertical scan frequency: 40-130 Hz autolock
Bandwidth: 20 MHz
Dynamic focus: horizontal and vertical
Resolution: more than 1000 TV lines with RGB video input; 800 x 600 pixels with S-VGA input
Convergence type: digital convergence with 17 adjustments made by remote control
Colour temperature: 3200° K, 6500° K, 9300° K, plus one user choice selectable and adjustable by remote control (6500°K factory preset)
Colour system: quad standard (PAL, SECAM, NTSC 4.43 and 3.58)
Cut-Off: automatic to improve the colour temperature stability
Keystone: adjustable trapezium correction with a maximum of 20°
Masking: horizontal and vertical masking adjustable by remote control
Test pattern: 8 internal test patterns
Memory manager: 25 user memory banks with select, copy, move and delete functions

RGB Input 1: via 5 x BNC (R, G, B, H/V, V)
RGB Input 2: via SCART
YCrCb input: via 3 x BNC
VGA input: via D-sub 15 pin
Video Input 1: via BNC or via SCART
Video Input 2: via BNC
S-VHS input 1: via mini DIN 4-pin
S-VHS input 2: via SCART
Video output: via BNC
RS 422 Serial interface: via DB 9 connector
Output voltage: 2 different power jacks with 12 Volt DC, 10 mA max output power supply: one is active only when the projector is ON, the other one is active only when a 16:9 or wide image format is selected

New up converter (built-in): for line doubling, field doubling for both progressive and interlaced signals

Information: On Screen Display by Remote Control
Input voltage: 90-270 Vac 48-62 Hz with Power Factor Corrector
Power consumption: 220 Watt max
Stand-by consumption: 6 Watt
Dimensions (WxHxD): 620 x 290 x 700 mm (24“ x 11“ x 27“)
Packaging dimensions (WxHxD): 800 x 490 x 880 mm (31“ x 19“ x 34“)
Net weight: 35 Kg (77 lbs)
Operative function conditions: temperature between 0°C and 40°C, relative humidity from 0% to 90% not condensed

Preis wäre VB, aber dennoch ein Schnäppchen. Neupreis ca. 9.000 Euro. Habe ich bereits gebraucht gekauft, direkt vom Händler. Der hatte ihn aus Inzahlungnahme. Bild ist klasse, kann bis zu 1080i/50+60 und 720p/50 wiedergeben. Jedoch kein 720p mit 60 Hertz. Vorführbereit in Raum Köln. Bild selbst bei Standard Definition angenehmer als jedes HDTV-LCD-Bild...Kalibrierbar.

Email an mich: mgonska@gmx.de - Handy: 0160-94170186
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