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#1 erstellt: 19. Dez 2012, 09:31
Preis (Pflichtangabe!): 189 Euro inkl. Versand

Standort: München

Zustand: Sehr guter gebrauchter Zustand

Artikelbeschreibung: KHV und Monitor-Controller Matrix Mini-i, 3 Jahre alt. Ideale Audio-Zentrale für den PC. Genug Power für alle Kopfhörer durch TI-Ausgangsstufen, beste Wandler,

Dual AD1955 D/A chip, digital volume control,digital LCD display, balanced and unbalanced outputs, independent system clock, S/PDIF, AES/EBU, and USB inputs, as well as a built-in headphone amplifier.

· Balanced structure with dual AD1955 24bit / 192kHz D/A converter units
· Professional digital receiver chip of ultra-low jitter and an independent system clock
· USB, AES/EBU, optical, coaxial digital inputs and a coaxial output
· Up to 24bit / 192kHz digital input via coaxial and optical
· Professional stereo OP-Amps OP275/OPA2134, offering the best signal playback quality
· Digital step volume controller that covers -90 to 0 dB (1 dB each step)
· Both balanced and unbalanced output, which makes it possible to connect two sets of analog devices with different interfaces at the same time
· Multi-stage stabilized voltage power supply
· Internal headphone amp unit can easily drive any headphones of 300 ohms and below
· Large screen LCD panel displays user friendly information on current playback status and unit setting
· Pre-amp mode and DAC mode selectable
· While starting up or switching input channels, the volume will fade in to prevent shock and hearing damage caused by excessive volume
· Displays track information when working with D-Sub code compatible CD players

Digitale Eingänge:

OPTICAL: Shielded/enclosed optical input Sampling Rate: 44.1kHz ~192kHz
BNC : Standard BNC 75 ohm Sampling Rate: 44.1kHz ~192kHz
USB : Standard USB-B connector Sampling Rate: 44.1kHz ~48kHz
AES/EBU: Standard XLR interface Sampling Rate: 44.1kHz ~192kHz

Digitaler Ausgang:

Coaxial Output: standard RCA jack Supports AC-3, DTS data output
Sampling Rate: 44.1kHz ~192kHz Output Level: 1Vp-p (75 ohm)


RCA Output Level: 0V~ 2.0V adjustable
Balanced Output Level: 0V~ 4.0V adjustable (XLR : 1=GND, 2=HOT, 3=COLD)
Frequency response: 20Hz~20KHz
SNR: 105 dB
Dynamic Range: 108 dB
Distortion : <0.0002%(1KHz)

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