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Artikelbeschreibung:alle meine Platten an Abholer: 194 LP / Doppel LP, 26 Sampler LP, 33 Maxi Singles, 20 normale Singles. Ehemaliger Raucherhaushalt (Jahre her), manche Cover (meist Rücken) zeigen teilweise deutliche Gebrauchsspuren, alle Platten sind gut bis sehr gut erhalten und regelmäßig mit der Knosti gewaschen.


Aktuelle Liste ohne die kleinen Singles: (kann Euch auch per Mail als PDF gesendet werden)
Joan Back to the Night
Joan Armatrading
ABC Armatrading
Alpert Herb -Keep your eye on me
Alpert Herb -Wild Romance
ABBA -The Best of 1975
ABBA -The Album (2x)
A-Ha -hunting high and low
A-Ha -Stay on these roads
Batt Mike -Starsound collection Halfspeed
The Art of Noise In visible silence
A-Ha Scoundral Days2x
BAP -rockt andere kölsche leeder
Browne Jackson- Hold out
Boston- Boston-Halfspeed
Bee Gees -Living eyes
Beatles-1962-1966-2 LP
Boney M -Nightflight to venus
Boney M -Oceans of fantasy
Banfi Baffo -Hearth -45 rpm LP
Barclay James Harvest -Gone earth
Barclay James Harvest -Eyes of the universe
Black -Wonderful live
Beck Robin -Trouble or nothing
Black Slate -Sirens in the city
Bros -Push
Bangles -Different Light
Black Sabbath-Master of reality
Black Sabbath-Sabotage
Black Sabbath-Technical Ecstasy
Bianco Matt -matt bianco
Bianco Matt -Whose side are you on
Buggles -the age of plastic
Blondie-Blondie´s Hits
Camouflage-Voices & images
Cash Jonny16 - biggest hits-Neu, 180g
Clapton Eric -August
Cayenne -hot nights
Cocker Joe -Joe Cocker 1984, Amiga
Catch C.C. -like a hurricane-Bulgaria
Catch C.C. -Welcome to the heart.-Bulgaria
Commander Cody Band -Lose it tonight
Collins Phil -Face Value
Collins Phil -no jacket reqired
Ross Diana -Diana
Diamond Neil -20 Super Hits
Divine -my first album
Duran Duran -notorious
DR. Hook -Greatest Hits
The Dubliners -The Best of -1975
Eagles -the long run
Downchild blues Band -we deliver
Erasure -The circus
Emerson Lake & Palmer -The Best of -1975
Earth Wind & Fire -Faces-2 LP
Earth Wind & Fire -Raise!
Falco -Falco3
Fatback -14 Karat
Fischer-Z -Red skies over paradise
Fleetwood Mac -Rumours
Fleetwood Mac -Tango in the night
Flashdance -Soundtrack-Bulgaria
Foreigner -agent provocateur
Gawrilow Andrej -Ravel, Tschaikowsky, Prokofi
Griffin Peter -hurricane is coming
Grant Eddy -walking on sunshine
Green Peter -in the skies grünes vinyl
GreenPeter -little dreamer
Godley & Creme -the history mix Vol. 1
Gibson Debbie -electric youth
Grönemeyer Herbert -Sprünge
Hawkes Chesney -Buddy´s song
Houston Whitney -Whitney
Heley Don -the end of the inn..
Isaak Chris -wicked game
Jarre Jean Michel -Equinoxe
Jackson Joe -Look sharp
Jackson Michael -Bad
Jackson Michael -Thriller -Neu, 180g
Jones Grace -Nightclubbing
Jones Grace -warm leatherette
Joel Billy -Glass Houses
John Elton -Love Songs
John Elton -21 at 33
JohnEltona single man
John Elton -greatest Hits Vol.1-1978
James Rick -Street songs
Kiss -Destroyer
Kiss -Love gun
Kraftwerk -Mensch Maschine-2x
Kamen Nick -move until we fly
Karat -der blaue Planet-Amiga
Level 42 -Level 42-1981
Lennon John -Double Fantasy
Little River Band -Little River Band-1975
Modern Talking -the 1st album-Bulgaria
Modern Talking -the 3rd Album-Hungary
Moroder Giorgio -Midnight express
Moroder Giorgio -Fron here to eternity
Mecano -descanso dominical
Miller Glenn -original aufn. K-tel
Madonna -Madonna
Madonna -True blue
Moyet Allison -Rain Dancing
McCoy Van -The Best of
Moses Pablo -pave the way
Madness -absolutely
Moon Martin -Street fever
Minogue Kylie -enjoy yourself
Marley Bob -Babylon by bus-2 LP
Middler Bette -Thighs and whispers
Middler Bette -no frills
Manilow Barry -the best of
Michael George -Faith
Morrissey Mullen -it´s about time
Mixed Emotions -deep from the heart
Newton John Olivia -greatest Hits
Newton JohnOlivia -the rumour
New Musik -anywhere
Nanini Gianna -California
Nanini Gianna -Latin Lover
Odyssey -i got the melody
Oldfield Sally -celebration
OMD -organisation
OMD -crush
OMD -junk culture
OMD -Archtecture & mora..
OMD -dazzle ships
Prince -controversy
Prince -purple rain
Pet Shop BoysDisco
Petty Tom & the Heart -Southern accents
The Alan Parsons Project -Eve
Pink Floyd -The Wall 2 LP
Pink Floyd -The Dark Side EMI 1978
Pink Floyd -The Dark Side -30Th annniv. mit Sticker, Poster, 180g
die Prinzen -das Leben ist grausam
Paradies Express -Paradiese Express
QUEEN -greatest Hits 1980
QUEEN -the game
Rolling Stones -Emotional Rescue
Remmler Stephan -Stephan Remmler
Rush Jennifer -Movin
Rush Jennifer -Jennifer Rush
Cock Robin -After here through
Roxette -joyride
Reim Matthias -Reim2
Rafferty Gerry -City to city
Simply Red -picture Book
Santa Esmeralda -don´t let me be
Saturday Night Fever -Soundtrack-2 LP
the Regulars -Victim-2 LP
Stewart Al -year of the cat
Santana -Shango
Simon Carly -spoiled girl
Springsteen Bruce -born in the usa
Simon Paul -Graceland
Spliff -the spliff radio show
Supertramp -Crisis? What crisis?
Supertramp -breakfast in amerika
Shalamar -big fun
Supermax -World of today
Summer Donna -Collector´s edition 1977-1980
Stewart Rod -blondes have more fun
Sailor -the third step
Streisand Barbara -guilty
Spider Murphy Gang -Tutti Frutti
Spider Murphy Gang -Dolce vita
Spandau Ballet -Parade
Spandau Ballet -Diamond
Feargal Sharkey -a good heart
Sylvester -living proof
SKY -Sky2-2 LP
Toto -Isolation
T-Rex -BBC Recordings 70-76-3LP, 180g
Third World -journey to addis
Third World -96° in the shade
Third World -Rock the world
Turner Tina -break every rule
Taylor Rod -fun in space
Tozzi Umberto -minuti di un´eternita
Tomita -the ravel album
Bruhn Christian -Timm Thaler Filmmusik
UB 40 -signing of-2 LP
Ultravox -the collection
Vanelli Gino -big dreamers
Wet Wet Wet -popped in souled out
Warnes Jennife -rshot through the
YoungPaulno parlez
War of the worlds -Musical 1978-2 LP
Jesus Christ Superstar -Box 1978-2 LP

Messplatte DHFI 2
Hi-FiTest Direktschnitt Messplatte 2 LP
Messplatte Gleichlauf

Lipps, INC. Funky Town
Reggae Regular-the black Starliner
OMD-talking loud and clear
Cherry Nene-hinna city mama
Real Life-send me an angelmehrfarbiges Vinyl
Brannigan Laura-self control
Haywood Leon-dont´t push it, don´t force it
Visage-Fade to grey
Al Hudson Soul Partners-You can do it
ORS-Indian Reservation
Benetar Pat-painted desert
Savage Progress-my soul unwraps tonight
Jackson Michael-rock with you
Grant Eddy-do you feel my love
Shakatak-down on the street
Hernandez Patrick-born to be alive
Tullio de Piscopo-Primavera
Lattisaw Stacey-Jump to the beat
Griffin Peter-Spiderman
Silent Circle-Stop the rain
Dexys Midnight Runners-come on eileen
Sayer Leon-More than i can say
Williams Deniece-let´s hear it for the boy
Wangchung-Dancehall days
F-R David-Words
Carrara-shine on dance
Head Murray-one night in bangkok
Steward Dave-it´s my party
Idol Billy-Eyes without a face
Lauper Cyndi-Time after time
Springsteen Bruce-dancing in the dark
Kershaw Nik-the riddle
Sheila B. Devotion-Spacer
Jones Quincy-ai no corrida

Motown Highligts 1976-1979
Motown-Highligts 1971-1975
Motown-Highligts 1966-1969
Motown-Highligts 1964-1966
Disco Explosion-Arcade, 1979
Super 20 Hit Runner-Ariola, 1984
Black Gold-Greatest Hits of Black Music
20 Power Hits-K-Tell, 1973
Hot Bubblegum-Eis am Stiel Soundtrack
Dirty Dancing-Soundtrack zum Film
Rocky Horror Picture Show-Soundtrack zum Film
Wea Star Galerie-engl. Hits 1987
Dance Max 2-LP 1, Electrola 1990
Burning Sampler-Reggae Hits
Hit Tornado-Int. Hits 1976-77
Blackwell Disco Orchestra-Boogie down
Maxi Disco Night-Disco Hits 1986 -2LP
Highlife 1982/1983-Winterhits intern. Polystar
Special Love Songs-28 Soft Soul Songs
Hitbreaker 16 Formel Top-Int. Hits 1985
Club Dancing ´83-Wea 1982
the Hits Album-32 original Hits Wea 1984
Dance Mix Dance Hits 4-CBS 1984 Disco Mic Club
Maxi Maxi 16 Super Maxi Hits-Emi 1986-87
Top Hits 83-Arcade
Disco Motion-K-Tel 1978

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#2 erstellt: 06. Aug 2014, 06:54
Da wohl kaum Vinylfreunde in meiner Nähe wohnen, biete ich ab sofort auch den Stückverkauf und Versand an. Aber nur für Pakete ab 10 Platten aufwärts, lohnt sonst nicht. Also, aussuchen, Preisangebot machen, fertig.

Gruß Detlef
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