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Action Mix "Action Mix vol. 1" Maxi
Best beats from Westside "Mix" LP
Bolero Mix 1 "Bolero Mix" LP
Bolero Mix 3 "Bolero Mix 3" LP
Disco Rotund "Grand Medley 1987" Maxi
Euro Cli - Max Mix "Euro Cli - Max Mix"Maxi
Fonny de Wulf Megamix "Megamix" LP
Italo Boot Mix "Vol. 11" Maxi
Italo Boot Mix "Vol. 8" Maxi
Italo Boot Mix "Vol. 9" Maxi
Magic Mix "Magic Mix" LP
Mirage "Jingo Break..." Maxi
New York Boot Mix "Vol. 3"Maxi
New York Boot Mix "Vol. 2" Maxi
Pump up the Flim Flam "Joint Mix" Maxi
Ramshorn "The Super Master Mix Vol.3" Maxi
Sirious Mix 2 "Sirius Mix" Maxi
Tolga Flim Flam Balkan "Shall we do it again" Maxi

Musikrichtung: Rock
Johnson Don "Heart beat" LP
Jule Neigel Band "Nur nach vorn" LP
Marillion "Heart of lothian" Maxi
Nevil Robie "A place like this" LP
Springfield Rick "Celebrate youth" Maxi
Springfield Rick" Rock of life" Maxi
Springfield Rick "Celebrate youth" Maxi
Springsteen Bruce "War" Maxi
ZZ-Top "Velco Fly" Maxi
ZZ-Top "Sleeping Bag" Maxi

Musikrichtung: HIP HOP
Age Pee feat. Shipra "No hip hop" Maxi

Musikrichtung: INDEPENDENT
Brücken Claudia "Absolut(e)" Maxi
Romie singh "Cry freedom" Maxi

Musikrichtung: POP
2 Kut "I´m gonna explode" Maxi
400 Blows "Runaway Breakdown" Maxi
ABC "How to be a millionäre" Maxi
Animotion "I engineer" Maxi
Beatmasters with P.P. Arnol "Burn it up" Maxi
Belinda Carlistle "I get weak" Maxi
Black Box "Ride on time" Maxi
Bronski Beat "Hit that perfect beat" Maxi
Cardell"Baby Don´t fool around"Maxi
Carlisle Belinda "Heaven is a place on earth" Maxi
Chicago "25 or 6 to 4" Maxi
Club Nouveau "Lean on me" Maxi
Collins Phil "In the air tonight" Maxi
Consolidated "Dysfunctional" Maxi
Cretu Michael "Samurai (Eng. Version)" Maxi
Cut to shock "Put that record back on" Maxi
David Cassidy "The last kiss" Maxi
Dead or alive "My heart goes bang" Maxi
Dead or alive "Lover come back to me" Maxi
Dead or alive "Brand new lover" Maxi
Dead or alive "I´ll save you all my kisses" Maxi
Dead or alive "Something in my house" Maxi
Dead or alive "Youthquake" LP
Depeche Mode "People are people" Maxi
Doctorin´D "House of no return" Maxi
DSK "Work my body over" Maxi
Duke "So in love with you" Maxi
Edelweiss "Bring mir Edelweiss" Maxi
Enya "Caribbean Blue" Maxi
Falco "Vienna Calling" Maxi
Faltermeyer Harold "Formula one" Maxi
Faltermeyer Harold & Axel F. "Axel F." Maxi
Fine Young Cannibals "I´m not satisfied" Maxi
Fine young cannibals "I´m not satisfied" Maxi
Fox the Fox "Stealin´my heart away" Maxi
Frankie goes to hollywood "Rage hard" Maxi
Fun fun"Give me love" Maxi
Fuzzbox "Pink Sunshine" Maxi
Gardens Marvin "Take time" Maxi
Genesis "Land of confusion" Maxi
Go West"I want to hear it from youMaxi
Go West"We close your eyesMaxi
Go West"True ColoursMaxi
Hamburger Arroganz "Zeitgeist" Maxi
Hammer Jan "Crockett´s theme"Maxi
Hardcastle Paul"19" Maxi
Hardcastle Paul"Just for money" Maxi
Heart "Never" Maxi
Hyper go-go "Discotechno" Maxi
Inner City "Good life" Maxi
Jackson Michael"Smooth Criminal" Maxi
Jam & Spoon feat. Plavka "Right in the night" Maxi
Jamie J. Morgan"Walk on the wild side" Maxi
Jan Hammer "Miami Vice Theme" Maxi
John Elton "Nikita" Maxi
Jonny Bumm "Wurstsemmeln" Maxi
Jule Neigel Band "Wilde Welt" LP
Kajammin "It aint over (Till it´s over)" Maxi
Kate Bush "Experiment IV" Maxi
Living in a box"Gatecrashing" Maxi
L-Vira "Talkin´bout rambo" Maxi
Madonna"Express yourself" Maxi
Martinelli "Cenerentola" Maxi
Michael George "I want your sex" Maxi
Michale George "Faith" Maxi
Mindset feat. Mona Moore "Told you boy" Maxi
Mito "Druid 1987 remix" Maxi
Money Eddie "Take me home tonight" Maxi
Moses P. "Our revolution" Maxi
Moskwa TV "Generator 7/8" Maxi
Moskwa TV "Tekno talk" Maxi
Moskwa TV "The art of fashion" Maxi
Moti Special "Don´t be so shy" Maxi
Moti Special "Stop! Girls go crazy" Maxi
Moti Special "Motivation" LP
Mysterious Art "Lovin´ you" Maxi
N.T. Gang "There´s a noise going on" Maxi
Neon "Fade to grey" Maxi
New Order "Round & round" Maxi
New Order "True faith" Maxi
New Order "Fine time" Maxi
Nicks Stevie "Talk to me" Maxi
Nik Kershaw "Radio Musicola" Maxi
Nu Shooz "I can´t wait" Maxi
Oldfield Mike "A pictures in the dark" Maxi
Parrish & Toppano "The shores of this great ocean" LP
Paul Hardcastle "The wizard" Maxi
Peyote "I will fight no more forever" Maxi
Pharao "There is a star" Maxi
Picnic at the whitehouse "We need protection" Maxi
Quarz "It´s too late" Maxi
R.A.F "We gonna get..." Maxi
Radiorama "The Radiorama Megamix" Maxi
Rick Astley "Take me to your heart" Maxi
Romeo & Posses "Mustang Rock" Maxi
S-50 "Input" Maxi
Sandra "Maria Magdalena" Maxi
Santander "This love" Maxi
Scraping Foetus of the wheel "Ramrod" Maxi
Shamen "Move any mountain" Maxi
Shyrelle "Must be the music" Maxi
Sims Joyce "Come into my life" Maxi
Sinitta"Toy boy" Maxi
Stewart Jermaine "Get over it" Maxi
Stewart Jermaine "Don´t talk dirty to me" Maxi
Sting "Russians" Maxi
Taucher "Fantasy" Maxi
Tears for fears"Shout" Maxi
Tears for fears"Mothers Talk" Maxi
Tears for fears"Everybody wants to rule the world" Maxi
The 2 german latinos" Gigolo gigolette" Maxi
The art of noise "Who´s afraid of" Maxi
The Todd Terry Project "Just wanna dance" Maxi
True Andrea" Lovin´ you" Maxi
Warning"Give you back my love" Maxi
White Karyn "Secret Rendevous" Maxi
Winwood Steve"Higher Love" Maxi
Yello "Of course I´m lying" Maxi
Zadora Pia "Rock it out" Maxi
Musikrichtung: Soul
Phil Fearon & Galaxy "Everybody´s laughing" Maxi
Soul II Soul "Get a life" Maxi
Soul II Soul "Back to life" Maxi
Watley Jody "Real love" Maxi
#2 erstellt: 24. Jul 2009, 03:05
Sind die Scheiben noch zu haben??
Ich hätte Interesse an den Dead or Alive!
Was willst du dafür haben??

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