Denon A1 DVD Player Gold codefree

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#1 erstellt: 24. Nov 2003, 11:25
Sorry if I only speak English but here we go;
I'm selling my Denon A1 reference dvd-dvd audio player. Gold finish, perfect conditions, region free.
Bought in January 2003, it's still in warranty.
I ive in Amsterdam but I can ship it with UPS or similar anywhere in Europe, in the original box (with original manual and remote of course).

I'm selling it because I just bought a Lexicon pre-pro and a new marantz projector and I think I will go for a cheaper dvd player, since I will use it with digital out connections.

Original price 3800 Eur. Asking price: 2200 Eur.

Please feel free to contact me for any questions you may have. I will give you all my contact information.
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