PIONEER SX-850 for sale

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#1 erstellt: 13. Sep 2005, 19:33
I am selling my vintage Pioneer SX-850, one of the most beautiful receivers Pioneer ever build. This unit is in EXCELENT condition, no scrathes, all lights work, the wood is 100 perfect, and I have the original manual! A more beautiful SX-850 is impossible to find!
The price is 150 euro.

This is written about the SX-850:

The SX-850 marked the introduction of the silver on silver design that typified Pioneer's receivers in the late 1970s. It was introduced in 1976 and built through 1977. It was a popular model, having considerable power at 65 watts per channel RMS and a pricetag of $500.00, list. The SX-850 weighed a considerable 42 pounds--it was built to last and perform for years. One wonders if Pioneer engineers ever pondered the fact their receivers from this period might still be enjoyed well into the new millenium. That is certainly the case today as the SX-850 is eagerly sought by collectors and listeners. We will never see receivers built like this again.
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