Endstufe PS Audio HCA2

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#1 erstellt: 31. Okt 2006, 15:21
verkaufe die in der zeitschrift stereophile gefeierte Endstufe HCA2 von PS-Audio für 1000 Euro.

laststabile 2 x 150 Watt an 8 Ohm oder 2 x 225 an 4 Ohm

weitere infos und Bilder gerne per E-Mail

ich biete noch eine Luxman M05 und eine Accuphase C-290 an

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#2 erstellt: 01. Nov 2006, 19:28
hier eine kleine Ergänzung:

eine Endstufe, von der das amerikanische highend Magazin STEREOPHiLE so restlos begeistert war, daß sie in die Hall of Fame des Hauses aufgenommen wurde: CLASS A Rating, bestes Preis/Leistungsverhältnis, staunende Tester. Klanglich absolut neutral, sehr offen und räumlich klingend, macht es Spaß, mit diesem Endverstärker die Boliden des Marktes von Accuphase über Burmester, Krell und Mark Levinson bis Pass, aber auch viele Röhren sehr alt aussehen zu lassen. Und das zu einem Bruchteil des Preises! Bis auf sehr impedanzkritische Lautsprecher vom Schlage einer Infinity oder einer Martin Logan oder einer Apogee kann man ihr bedenkenlos alle Speaker anvertrauen. Gut 2x 150 Watt an 8 Ohm reichen in fast allen Fällen. Beste Bauteile, u.a. WBt- Anschlüsse, fetter Ringkerntrafo, Cinch und symmetrische Eingänge und und und. mehr Infos bei psaudiopunktcom oder bei hifitodiefourde. Hier noch ein paar Infos von der homepage des Herstellers: The Hybrid Class A stereo power amplifier (HCA-2) is a 150 watt per channel high end power amplifier. Based on a revolutionary new approach that combines a class A balanced analog input stage with a Super Digital Amplification Technology (SDAT™) output stage, the HCA-2 will set new standards in the under $3000 power amplification market. “This amp is killer. It is tube like in some ways and not in others. It is very transparent. Last night I was listening to a CD and it felt like I was sitting listening to a live performance. The mid bass is unbelievable. I am hearing details in bass that I have not heard before. The movie sound track CD "Gladiator" song 3 "The Battle" is unbelievable on the HCA-2. I heard details that I did not hear with the EVO" When the HCA-2 arrived I was very excited. It was a little heavier than I thought it would be but I unpacked it and set it up without much trouble. I didn't care too much for the looks - the production model looks much better - and I would have switched the speaker binding posts (I understand they have been switched on the production model). The first thing I did was put on a movie. I wanted to give the HCA-2 some break-in and warm-up time. Immediately I could tell that this amp was better than my beloved Classe CA201. The next day I spent several hours playing my favorite selections. The HCA-2 driving the B&W N803's was the best sound by far I have ever had in my living room. I am new to high-end audio - my system is only two years old - and I am by no means an expert, but I do know what I like and I liked my music through the HCA-2. I had the most foot-stompin, toe-tappin, knee slapin, emotion stirring good time ever since I purchased my system. The next day I decided to try and set emotion aside and do some critical listening. Was there really a difference between the CA201 and the HCA-2? Did I like the HCA-2 better? What were the differences? Yes there was a definite difference. Yes I liked the HCA-2 better. (The CA201 is twice the price and rated at 200 watts/channel.) My wife and son who had listened to many of my comparisons with me expressed a preference for the HCA-2 everytime. Soundstage? I couldn't tell a difference everytime but when I could the HCA-2 was always deeper. Focus? The HCA-2 always sounded sharper, cleaner, more vivid, focused and life-like, with greater clairity and definition without sounding harsh or bright. Bass? There was a foundation, a fullness and depth to everything that I thought was significant. This was by far the most noticible improvement. There was a substance and power (Oh the power!) to the music like I had not heard with the Classe and which I absolutely preferred. All of this and control, precision, exactness and focus included. I took the HCA-2 to my friend Scott's house. There we listened to the Triangle Celius and Vandersteen IIce signatures. The first time I heard the Triangle speakers I didn't like them. I couldn't understand what Sam Tellig was so excited about. However, powered by the HCA-2 the speakers were transformed. I was amazed at the difference. A week ago I didn't like them and now they were amazing. I have heard the Vandersteen speakers several times over the years. Never have I heard them sound like they did with the HCA-2. I believe with the right associated equipment (the HCA-2 being an important piece) there are class B rated speakers that are capable of class A sound. We also compared the HCA-2 to the Belles 150A and the Chord SPM600. The Belles is about the same price and the Chord is twice the price of the HCA-2. Their power ratings are approximately equal. The Belles was no competition but in my opinion, in a photo finish, the Chord may edge out the HCA-2. My initial impression was that the Chord seemed to have a slightly more refined sound and a touch more control in the bass. However, I would be interested to see if this would still be the case with a production version of the HCA-2 instead of a beta version. In any event, I would not be willing to pay twice the price for the ever so slight improvement. Interestingly enough,after further listening, I decided that the Chord had nothing over the HCA-2 and that I preferred it to the Chord. My friend Scott, who is currently starting his own audio business, has decided after spending a day with the HCA-2 not to stock the Chord. His opinion was that not only was the HCA-2 a big bang for the buck but that it was truly capable of world class sound. A word about the LAB II cable. A few days after the HCA-2 arrived I received a LAB II cable with the instructions to compare the HCA-2 with and without the LAB II. Was there a difference? In a word yes. In two words "Hell yes !" The HCA-2 benefits significantly from this excellent power cable. However, I think I have to agree with my friend Scott when he said, "The biggest difference I ever heard plugging anything into anything was with the Ultimate Outlet!" When PS Audio announced their three new amps I originally thought I would be the most interested in the Classic 250 and have little if any interest in the HCA-2. Now I know the Classic 250 is going to have to be something extra exceptional to be considered. The HCA-2 has got to be one of the biggest bang for the buck products ever !!! PS Audio Comments: Scott Haver, mentioned in Kurt's review, wanted to add his own comments after listening to the HCA as described above. "The HCA-2 has all the makings of a fine thoroughbred. While it's detail, imaging, transparency, and tonal accuracy set it apart from others in it's class, the most beguiling of it's qualities may be the sheer weight and immediacy imparted on the musical performance. It packs a punch. No lightweight wimpy stuff here. Another area of achievement is this amp's sense of timing. I've been known to say that timing is everything, and this amp keeps time like a precision watch. It never skips a beat, making for a cohesive and exhilarating listening experience. Uncommon for an amp at this price? Heck, uncommon for an amp at any price. The HCA-2 packs a heavyweight punch in a lightweight body, which means it can be conveniently placed on an average shelf or stereo rack. I'm sure you will agree that this amplifier has big performance and a bigger heart. Best of all, it looks the part." Amplifier Ratings: (out of 5 stars) Bass Mid-Bass Midrange Top-end Microdynamics Macrodynamics Imaging Soundstage Three Dimensionality Ease Functionality Evaluation Music: Disc 1) Jim Brickman - Destiny Selection #4 Rendezvous The main questions were: Is there a difference in the amps ? Do I have a preference ? I also listened to a number of New Age selections from David Lanz, Hillary Stagg, Craig Chaquico. Yes there was a difference and what a difference. I always preferred the HCA-2 !!! Disc 2) Mannheim Steamroller - Christmas 1984 Selection #9 God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen Focus, clairity, ...etc. The HCA-2 always won ! Disc 3) Michael Crawford/Sarah Brightman - Highlights From The Phantom Of The Opera Selection #8 All I Ask of You What did I think of male/female vocals with/without the HCA-2 I also used Sarah Brightman selection #15 Pie Jesu from the Andrew Lloyd Webber Collection I absolutely loved what the HCA-2 did for vocals, especially female vocals. Sarah Brightman's voice rendered by the HCA-2 was enough to move me to tears ! Disc 4) David Lanz - Christofori's Dream Selection #3 Green Into Gold What about soundstage ? A definite difference in depth (the HCA-2 was deeper) but I was undecided about width. In regards to the drums I liked how with the HCA-2 the hand striking the drums was not only focused, defined, clear, ...etc., but I could also hear the sound radiate outward from the hand and the drum. This was missing with my amp. Disc 5) Arron Copeland - Rodeo - TELARC Selection #1 Fanfare For The Common Man How about the bass ? Oh my goodness ! The bass !!! There is a power and definition in the bass that was spectacular !!! The HCA-2 sounded like it had the power to blast me through the back wall of my listening room with only a little mild exertion, yet it was never over-done, always focused, always very enjoyable to listen to, never fatiguing. It didn't smack or assault me, I just always new there was a lot of power there. Its kind of like driving an Indy race car along a suburban street. Even though you're only doing 35, you know, you can feel the cars ability to rocket you close to hyperspace. Did I mention that I liked the bass? * 8 ohm power - 150 watts rms * 4 ohm power - 225 watts rms * 2 ohm power - 275 watts rms * Input connections - 1 pair each balanced (XLR) and single-ended (RCA) * Output connections - 1 pair 5-way binding posts * Frequency resonse - 10 - 20 KHz (+/- 0.5 dB) * THD+N - 0.2% at full rated power into 8 ohms (1 KHz) * Voltage gain - 30 dB * Input impedance - 100K * Input sensitivity (full output) - 1.15v * Weight - 35 lbs * Dimensions - 17" W x 4.5" H x 14" D
#3 erstellt: 02. Nov 2006, 19:14
950 Euro
#4 erstellt: 04. Nov 2006, 19:28
#5 erstellt: 07. Nov 2006, 12:20
allerletzter Versuch 850


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#6 erstellt: 12. Nov 2006, 21:23
800 oder ab in die Bucht
#7 erstellt: 17. Nov 2006, 22:24
steht jetzt unter der Artikelnummer: 330051289079 bei ebay
Startpreis 1 Euro

Viel Erfolg
#8 erstellt: 19. Nov 2006, 17:18
bitte den thread schließen
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