Trichord Delphini MkII/Never Connected PSU

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#1 erstellt: 26. Nov 2004, 16:59
Diese Anzeige ist nur deswegen auf Englisch, weil ich sie ursprünglich für ein englischsprachiges Forum geschrieben und leider nicht die Zeit habe, sie auf Deutsch zu übersetzen.

Vielen Dank im Voraus für Euer Interesse. PN erbeten.

This is an interest check for my Trichord Delphini MKII phono stage with the "Never Connected" power supply. In other words, the top-of-the-line product of English company Trichord Research in its latest incarnation. It is approx. two years old. The PSU may even be a little younger than that.


Note: This picture is taken from the internet, but my Delphini looks exactly like this one.

The Delphini has been an award-winning product since its earlier versions came out, and the latest award I can remember is the golden Editor's Choice of Hifi News in late '02 or early '03 for the version before the "Never Connected" PSU. I also recall the great review it received in issue 31 of hifi+ ("This was so much closer to the feel of live music, the musicians taking up a tangible presence between the speakers." "Brought the clout of a superb big band to the living room". "The muted horn were just more real, and with the stage spread deeper and wider, the Delphini demonstrates that vinyl still holds the edge in its ability to create a believable 3-dimensional performance.") The reviewer apparently purchased one (with the Never Connected PSU).

The Delphini has adjustable gain (up to 74dB; it works excellent with my very low output Koetsu Onyx Platinum cartridge), adjustable input impedance (between 33 Ohm and 47 kOhm) and adjustable input capacitance (I forgot the values; for more info please click here). Switching is easy with 4 DIP switches mounted to the board. Here's a photo of the insides:


For more info on the model in question, please click here and here. If you google for some minutes you'll find a number of excellent reviews already for the previous (MkI) version. You'll also find user comments like this or this.

My phonostage was bought at Signals (hi-fi for grown-ups) and I am the first owner. The price for this model is over GBP1,250 (around US-$2,275, click here). As I matter of fact, I paid more than that because I "followed the upgrade path" from MkI to MkII to Never Connected over the years.

I still think it's a fantastic product, but at this point I am curious how a good tube phonostage would sound in my system. I would therefore be grateful for any expressions of interest by PM.

VOLTAGE: My PSU is wired for 230V, but I am positive that it can be converted easily to 115V for use in the US, as with most modern products. So, if you are interested, but you need 115V voltage, contact me anyway, and I'll obtain some reliable information of how to convert the currency.

Some more pics:


Thank you for your interest.

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#2 erstellt: 01. Dez 2004, 16:56
Stelle gerne eigene Fotos zur Verfügung.
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