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Black Connect Digital Cable Audiokabel / Adapter - Test, Reviews und Bewertungen

Antennen-AV Kabel, 1,5 m Kabellänge

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  • Avatar von Arj 19 Digital Cable Help
    Folks, Need some help from you on identifying a good Digital Cable for my setup. I already have the Nordost Moonglo and DH labs Air matrix and both are good but there is more in terms of resolution which i am sure can be achieved One cables which has been suggested is the Stereovox Xv2. is... weiterlesen → Arj am 24.03.2009 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 30.03.2009
  • Avatar von Magma79 59 A poor mans source
    All ive been looking to add a source to my modest system. many believe that a good source consists of a good transport and a good DAC hence many have turned to the computer hard drive for their transport i have also been leaning the same way though im keeping my mind open to the CDP too i have... weiterlesen → Magma79 am 06.07.2009 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 26.09.2009
  • Avatar von Shahrukh 36 KEF iQ5
    IQ5 has reached. Just unpacked them yesterday. Burning them in with some very ordinary cables right now. Initial reactions? 1. Extremely well packed (took half an hour to take them out). 2. Great build 3. Decent image/sounstage 4. Good detail Unfortunately, I\'m noticing quite some bass suckout... weiterlesen → Shahrukh am 06.03.2006 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 27.03.2006
  • Avatar von msb1 249 USB to Digital converter
    Does anyone know off a good USB to Digital (AES/EBU or Toslink) converter? I need one to connect my laptop\'s USB output to my DAC. Thanks. weiterlesen → msb1 am 05.11.2008 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 08.11.2010
  • Avatar von Savyasaachi 26 GOing it worth it?
    AS the title it worth it? Please give me your opinions... Cheers, Saachi weiterlesen → Savyasaachi am 03.01.2009 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 10.01.2009
  • Avatar von abhi.pani 110 Please Help me Upgrade my CDP/Source
    Buddies, I am seriously thinking of upgrading my source component. Currently I am using a NAD C521. It is very decent but I know there are better things, of course at a higher price point. I have shortlisted 3 of them. Unfortunately, I dont have the option of listening to any of them. I am... weiterlesen → abhi.pani am 25.04.2007 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 12.07.2007
  • Avatar von neono 29 DACs - Are they a worthy upgrade ?
    Can DACs,\'instantly tranform\' the sound quality of a system ? Adding a DAC is often touted as an easy and simple upgrade to an audio system .of course , it depends on how much ,one can perceive. Ive been researching a bit on cheap DACs like the Zhaolo , Maverick audio tube magic , Beresford... weiterlesen → neono am 06.05.2010 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 20.08.2010
  • Avatar von myriad 73 Cdp Upgrade
    Folks, I am looking to upgrade my Nad Cd542 . The associated equipment is Cayin TA30 & Cadence Diva. I listen mostly to jazz, old rock and some classical. The budget is 50k max. Thanks weiterlesen → myriad am 20.10.2005 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 24.11.2005
  • Avatar von goolimangala 83 Siltech Pantheon
    Guys, It\'s finally officially released: the Siltech Pantheon Speaker Check out the NewsRoom - and Industry Features links on the sixmoons website. And hurry up to be one of the lucky 39 owners worldwide Jochen weiterlesen → goolimangala am 24.09.2007 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 14.08.2008
  • Avatar von ani 57 Good RedBook CD transports..
    All, PLease help me find a good CD or DVD transport or players that is to be used along with my DAC. Primary requirment is to play audio CD and if there are good Universal players that works equally well as transport for Redbook CD I dont mind going for it. Thanking you all in advance. Anil weiterlesen → ani am 13.05.2006 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 07.06.2006
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Technische Daten zu Black Connect Digital Cable

  • Generelle Merkmale
  • Kabellänge in m: 1.5
  • Segment: Standardkabel
  • Produkttyp: AV Kabel
  • Intern / Extern: extern
  • Anschluss 1: Antenne
  • Anschluss 2: Antenne
  • Anschluss 3: n.a.
  • Anschluss 4: n.a.
  • Anschluss 5: n.a.

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