LE40R71 (service menu)

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#1 erstellt: 17. Jul 2006, 00:23
Hi There,

Sorry for the english but german is not my best language.

i have a question i've read some good articles here

But i've screw up the service menu settings so i've some one could help me out i'm very thank full and will buy you a beer .

I need the settings of servicemenu from the Samsung LE40R71

2. option Table (all the settings)
4. svpx (only the value of the comb filter) (has it one??)
7. Y/C Delay (ony the value of the RF PAL B/C)
8. Adjust (only the value of the video mute)
10. W/B Movie (Only the value of the wb movie)
13. Spead Spectrum (all the settings)

maybe it's use full if some one have all the setting on digital document to post it or set in on the internet, if i have all the settings complete i will do it for you.

The second question

1080i and 720p signals witch input supports it ?

thnx thnx thnx

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#2 erstellt: 17. Jul 2006, 00:32

The second question: 1080i and 720p singals wicht input supports it ?

Component and HDMI. If you have a 720p which was transcoded to RGB(HV) the VGA input should be able to display it as well.

#3 erstellt: 17. Jul 2006, 00:35
ok thats why i dont have hdtv on my xbox via scart

ok thats question 2 thnx

only question one is left to solve

[Beitrag von AiKoiN am 17. Jul 2006, 00:37 bearbeitet]
#4 erstellt: 17. Jul 2006, 11:56
somebody please

the settings for the service menu

how do you enter te service menu for the LE40R71 ?

tv off
press info
press menu
press mute
press tv on

then move only up and down with the arrows !!!
and use ok to open te sub menu.
and use menu again for back

dont move left or right then you will change te settings just like i did !!!

is there somebody who can give me the real specs of the screen, nobody knows them even samsung sites are diffrent.

from russia, dutch, german, sweden all difrent specs, some say they have progressive scan, some say they don't some say they have comb filter some say the don't.
etc. etc.
so is there anyone with te right specs?

[Beitrag von AiKoiN am 17. Jul 2006, 12:02 bearbeitet]
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