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Thunder Run (2013) West, Butler, Worthington

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#1 erstellt: 29. Okt 2011, 12:54

Modern war films have rarely done well at the box office in the past decade that we’ve been at war in Afghanistan and Iraq. The audience that might come out to see films set during these wars either hasn’t been interested in the stories being told, or would rather get their war fix from Call of Duty. So it isn’t that surprising that we haven’t seen much in the way of ambitious CGI mocap war films.

Producers at a new company called Freedom Films (yep) are working to change that with an adaptation of David Zucchino‘s book Thunder Run: The Armored Strike to Capture Baghdad. As part of a gambit to get investors and distributors interested in the project, they’ve enlisted Gerard Butler, Sam Worthington and Matthew McConaughey to act in and voice the leads.

A press release announces that Thunder Run will be directed by Simon West, who is currently making The Expendables 2. Thunder Run is intended to be “an all CG 3-D action thriller” based on the book. Robert Port and Ken Nolan (Black Hawk Down) are scripting. (Simon West is also producing a mocap 3D Night of the Living Dead prequel, Night of the Living Dead: Origins 3-D, and the same company doing that digital work will be used on Thunder Run.)

#2 erstellt: 30. Okt 2011, 05:49
Verstehe ich das so richtig. Das Ganze wird ein stinknormaler Kriegsfilm, allerdings komplett computeranimiert und in 3D.

Regisseur Simon West. Hab ich das so richtig verstanden?
#3 erstellt: 30. Okt 2011, 11:54
hört sich richtig gut an. ein film, gemacht wie tim und struppi, nur als action/kriegsfilm.

wow, was man da rausholen kann.... einfach nur geil....

bin sehr gespannt
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