Pulz speakers: Musical Truth or 'Filmi Masala'?

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#1 erstellt: 28. Mrz 2005, 06:09
I visited the Pulz showroom in Andheri, Bombay and was told that their speakers offer an unparalled level of musical truth. They told me that the filmstars come there to purchase their stuff.

All those forum members who have auditioned Pulz Status speakers or better still purchased and used their speakers, could you please give me your feedback on them. Are these really the ultimate speakers for below Rs 20,000 or will the Lithos, Sonodyne 2605, or Wharfedale Diamonds be a better buy in this price range?
#2 erstellt: 28. Mrz 2005, 07:10
How did you like Pulz speakers ? How do you compare them with the other brands you have mentioned ?
#3 erstellt: 28. Mrz 2005, 07:38
BTW...do remember that all speaker manufacturers will say they make the best speakers for the price :-) its upto you to decide whether thay are that good.

Secondly, should we assume that all "filmstars" know their audio ?
#4 erstellt: 28. Mrz 2005, 07:47

Neutral schrieb:
I visited the Pulz showroom in Andheri, Bombay and was told that their speakers offer an unparalled level of musical truth.

did you ask as to what they mean by that statement A? ssems to be a big generalisation there

Musical Truth ! thats a new one for me though
#5 erstellt: 28. Mrz 2005, 08:52
The Pulz speakers are real big and heavy. They don't vibrate much even on the higher volumes. Ya, they do sound good, with the bass kind of proportionate and the treble within control. They sure handle a lot of power - claimed 100 watts for the bigger ones.

What I'm not sure about folks is the musical truth part. I mean that's really subjective and I haven't heard that many good speakers like Martin Logan, Cadence, etc or great amps like Bryston, Audio Analogue, or Krell. So at my experience level, I'm finding it tough to decide if these speakers are really a best buy for under Rs 20,000 stuff.
#6 erstellt: 28. Mrz 2005, 09:06

I would advise you to audition other speakers under 20K and see for yourself if the pulz are closer to the musical truth or not.

I would also advise you to hear speakers twice the price of the pulz and find out how far from the truth the pulze
are :-)

Jokes apart, buying serious audio, be it imports or local stuff is not done in a jiffy. Please audition as many products as possible within your price range and above and zero down on the product which sounds best to you in your budget. Make sure you take your own cd's along.

Try and pick out speakers which have a good balance of bass, mirange and treble as much as possible. Avoid speakers which sound polarised towards either low frequencies, midrange or high frequencies. Make sure you hear them for atleast 30-45 minutes. Check for ear fatigue, you dont want that after spending hard earned money. Play carefull attention to the mid rage frequencies....thay should be as prominent as the lows and the highs....its very easy to get carried away with boom and tizz.

#7 erstellt: 28. Mrz 2005, 09:09
Have you auditioned the other brands you have mentioned ? Wharfdale Diamond 8.4 is a great speaker at 23k and even Sonodyne Sonus 2605 is a good buy for 22k and both of them have recieved good reviews in quite a few forums and even won awards. Now you got to pit them against pulz yourself. Whoever is the winner in general, first of all they should sound like a winner to your ears...I havent heard the pulz otherwise I could have given my opinion but as I have heard the other two so I can tell you that they are great speakers and you got to do a good amount of homework and auditioning keeping all the factors in mind (like source, amplification, room size and acoustics etc) to say which one is the BEST...
#8 erstellt: 28. Mrz 2005, 10:11
Thanks Manek and abhi.pani
Unfortunately, since Pulz is not a big brand I am not likely to get much help on the forum I guess.

So I'll do the leg work myself. Would you suggest I audition horn-based speakers like Klipsch? Would it provide the balanced sound that I desire? Please suggest outlets in Bombay that would stock worthwhile speakers like the Diamonds for a side-by-side comparison in the same acoustic environment.
#9 erstellt: 28. Mrz 2005, 11:02

wharfedale is sold at Designer audio at tardeo ac market(distributors)

Sonodyne is sold by sonodyne at vile parle.

lithos demo room is in bandra.

mission is sold at vijay sales prabhadevi,

Heybrook/jpw are being sold at sound out at heera panna,

The only place I think you may find all these brands under one roof is THE SHOP somewhere in andheri.

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#10 erstellt: 28. Mrz 2005, 15:36
Hey Neutral,

This sounds like a filmi chakkar!!

Hope there was no Casitng Couch in the show room.

Still, jokes aside, I know for a fact that both Pandam and Lithos use Pulz amps for demos. So you can visit them for a one on one comparison of the Pulz speakers.

Musical truth would be fidelity. Unparallel level of Musical truth would mean - High Fidelity a.k.a HiFi. Quite an apt topic for this forum.:D

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#11 erstellt: 28. Mrz 2005, 23:31
klipsch speakers are available at a shop in crawford market in ashoka shopping cente.. i'm not sure exactly what models they have though..
#12 erstellt: 29. Mrz 2005, 10:07
Thanks for the info on the shops guys. I'm going to have a really busy weekend

FYI Roshan, the Pulz guys are pretty decent. They don't pressure you to buy their products. In fact, they seem to focus too much on cinema halls and too little on small fry like us. I just got a reply mail from them today saying they don't offer a center channel. So expansion to a home theater is not possible if I get bitten by the movie bug.
#13 erstellt: 29. Mrz 2005, 10:48
Nobody can give you musical truth for 20k. That too floorstanders! Making a floorstanding cabinet rigid enough to handle low octaves without booming and rattling itself will take a lot of money.Not to mention the cost of good quality imported drivers (vifa, scanspeak etc..), crossovers, reasonable profit and other overheads involved. You can make reasonably good speakers at this price though.But they will have a lot of compromises built into them.
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#14 erstellt: 29. Mrz 2005, 11:05
not if u can build them urselves. u can build excellent speakers that can put to shame speakers costing over 1500$ with just a budget of 500$. ofcourse u need to know how to build them first.
#15 erstellt: 29. Mrz 2005, 11:55
We are talking about neutral sounding speakers when we say "musical truth". It is true that DIY speakesr if done the right way can beat speakers costing thrice as much but that doesn't nessesarily give you neutral sounding speakers. Good, clean, neutral sounding speakers will cost considerable amount of money even if you go the DIY route.
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