Vincent SV 231

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#1 erstellt: 16. Aug 2004, 13:24
Hi everyone, i was thinking about buying a Stereo Amp and i wanted to know wheather somebody has experienced this model or can generally tell me something about it. As far as i know it is a clss a amp and it coasts about 600 euros. So the question is: can i buy a better amp vor the same money or would this one already be a good choice?

Thanks for your reply
#2 erstellt: 17. Aug 2004, 12:50
Hi project2501,
If it helps, Vincent is a german brand and all its products are manufactured in China. their OEM is a co called Spark who sells the exact same produccts at a fraction of the cost as Cayin and Spark models. all you would need is change the tubes..

Have heard their Preamp & Monoblocks (SA-T1 / SP-T100
) in operation at a friends driving the B&W 705 and they sounded good.

Not heard of the amp you have mentioned could try to see if anyone knows about it there..
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