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audiophile CD Player Dnsen Beat 440+

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#1 erstellt: 10. Sep 2012, 23:39

I am selling the (former) top model of CD players from Densen, the beat 440 in Black. I made the +upgrade a year ago.

This is a very well sound Player, official asking price was 3800€. +upgrade was another 250 €.Unfortunatelky it has to go due to financial constraints. Please make me an offer. My asking price is 2100€.

Player comes with official box, manuals, no remote (Luxury remote Gizmo can be bought from Densen dealers anytime). Player is approx. 3 years old. Very good, very musical player, and a hige step up from the B420...

No large scratches or dents, with a little exception. The top front side has a little 1mm dent, but the player is still a beauty.

All the best,

Killkill (Stefan)


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