Loewe Individual 40 Compose L2700 DVB-C CI

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#1 erstellt: 16. Sep 2013, 17:19
Hello everyone,

First of all, let me start by apologising that I have to write this post in English. I understand some German, enough to navigate this forum, but I'm afraid I couldn't write this text accurately in German.

I have a question regarding my Loewe Individual 40 Compose Full HD/100 DR+ (L2700 chassis). I live in Belgium, where finally there is the possibility to watch digital TV using DVB-C. However, I contacted the local Loewe tech support and they told me that they can't confirm wether the TV will suport this DVB-C because that company uses CI+ modules for authentication, and the TV only has a CI slot.

Browsing the internet, I found a story of someone who does use this TV in combination with a CI+ module, having only slight difficulties where the TV sometimes doesn't recognise the module.

Does anyone have experiences with running the L2700 chassis in combination with a CI+ module? Also, does this TV have a single or a dual DVB-C tuner?

Kind regards,

#2 erstellt: 19. Sep 2013, 11:16

WDPE (Beitrag #1) schrieb:
Also, does this TV have a single or a dual DVB-C tuner?

Loewe Individual 40 Compose Full HD/100 DR+ = dual DVB-C tuner (because of DR+)
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