Canadian Twiggy Build (English)

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#1 erstellt: 11. Aug 2019, 05:58
I hope the admins and users of this board to not object to me posting in English as I do not know German, but I would like to post my version of Twiggy here for other users to see.

There will be lots of pictures (if that is okay) so I won't need to write much.

My goal was build a nice small two way speaker as a gift for a friend without spending a lot of money or having to start from scratch. I looked at many designs and luckily came across this one referenced on . I read a couple of build threads and looked at Thorsten Felbinger write up and decided this is what I was going to build.

The main body of the box will be built out of layered 24mm Baltic Birch Plywood. I started on it today and here was my progress,

Ply sheet cut into blanks,

blanks cut

Layout for middle layer with brace, walls will be 16mm and the box will be a little taller than the drawing to add in the correct volume,


drill some holes

rough jig saw out

I am using a 23g pinner to attach 16mm wide guide strips to the middle blank for the flush trim bit to follow,

pin guide strips on

before flush trim

flush trimmed to guides

The guide strips pull off very easy and the 23g pins are also very easy to remove,

pull off guide strips

Gluing on first layer,

clamp first layer

And trimming it, notice there are some "bits" left because the brace is in the way of the flush trim bit,

first layer trimmed

nubbs to be removed

After the second layer was glued and trimmed, I went back, added some more strips and used a pattern router bit to trim off the nubs,

trimming off nubs

As the shampoo bottle says, rinse and repeat,

keep adding layers

Four layers on two boxes done today, not a bad start...

four layers done

#2 erstellt: 11. Aug 2019, 21:32
Looks like you like wood dust

From the craftmanship I can see here at the moment, these will become a very handsome pair of speakers!

Can't wait to see the finished pair!
#3 erstellt: 12. Aug 2019, 11:14
Super nice work so far ! I will definitely stay tuned here !

All the best, Thorsten

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#4 erstellt: 12. Aug 2019, 12:39
Nice work so far, i love man glitter too
#5 erstellt: 12. Aug 2019, 22:19
I'm flattered that the "twiggy" will be rebuilt in canada
#6 erstellt: 13. Aug 2019, 23:21
Great job, mate! Keep going
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#7 erstellt: 14. Aug 2019, 05:34
Do you think this is to sharp a bend for the pipe?


The pipe is 34mm ID and 38mm OD.

#8 erstellt: 14. Aug 2019, 08:52
I've used that one.
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#9 erstellt: 25. Aug 2019, 22:13
Can you help me with the translation of "Dämmflilz"?

Would it be heavy felt?
#10 erstellt: 25. Aug 2019, 22:54
hi dave,
thorsten used a similar felt like that one.

you can also use synthetic damping material like polyeser fleece. if you have the posibility to use a high density polyester insulation fleece, use that one.
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#11 erstellt: 25. Aug 2019, 23:38
Over here in the British Colonies it is common to use recycled denim insulation like this,


I was going to use that behind the woofer (back), top, bottom and heavy felt on the sides

#12 erstellt: 24. Okt 2019, 14:35
hi dave,
what is the current status, did you finished?
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#13 erstellt: 25. Okt 2019, 01:09
set up for gasket back

gasket for back

champher to gasket

back done

back done two

poplar back rough board

poplar ripped and flipped

poplar glued up

poplar glued up 2

layout for back

countersink back

holes in back

transfer holes in back to case

drill case for inserts

glue in inserts

trim epoxy while still soft


test fit backs

backs with baffles

lay out baffles

cut first bevel

plane first champher

second baffle planed

Since I don't speak German, I will let the pictures speak.

Front is Poplar.

Backs are removable and have made a rebate for a gasket.

Threaded inserts are epoxied in.

I can answer any questions if anyone has any.

#14 erstellt: 25. Okt 2019, 07:26
great work
#15 erstellt: 25. Okt 2019, 09:34
A solid-wood masterpiece
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#16 erstellt: 04. Nov 2019, 07:31

I was waiting for some forstner bits to arrive, specifically a 42mm, which is the OD of a 1.25" (32mm) drain pipe.

All holes were drilled with forstner bits.

- Counterbore for tweeter recess

tweeter counterbore

- Through bore for tweeter

tweeter bore

- Through bore for woofer

woofer bore

- Hole in back of baffle to receive port tube

port pipe bore

- Through pilot bore for port

port pilot

Port was made flush to pipe with solid carbide upspiral flush trim bit, then rounded over with 3/8" roundover.

port trimmed flush

port flush

port rounded

You can sort of see in the pictures the tweeter and woofer holes are slightly bevelled on the front to allow for a smaller through hole, but yet allow the drivers to "seat" properly. This was to allow for as small a hole as possible for the drivers so there will be lots of material for the screws to hold the drivers in.

On the backside of the baffle (hard to see in the pics), the woofer opening is bevelled to allow the woofer to breath properly.

Thanks for looking,

#17 erstellt: 04. Nov 2019, 09:38
Unrivalled accuracy and care. Thanks a lot for sharing. I really enjoy. Can't wait to see the finished speakers.
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#18 erstellt: 18. Nov 2019, 08:17
The baffles have been glued on. I placed them upside down so any glue would not run onto and soak into the plywood.

glue baffles on

The baffles were slightly bigger than the boxes and were flush trimmed.

baffles flush trimmed

I made a jig that the box sat in so I could use a core box bit and make a recess for the terminals so they didn't stick out so much and were harder to break off.

jig for terminal pocket

Boxes are now 95% sanded and I am waiting for some black filler to dry in a couple of places knots were in the plywood before final sanding and finishing.

sanded one

sanded two
#19 erstellt: 18. Nov 2019, 23:02
im speechles

if you build this or similar speaker again I'm having a little tip: I first milled the chassis (with a router), then the baffle was glued on the housing. the chamfers I had attached at the last step.
#20 erstellt: 19. Nov 2019, 15:42
Really nice woodworking

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#21 erstellt: 19. Nov 2019, 15:47
Even more exciting!
#22 erstellt: 20. Nov 2019, 01:58
The baffles with the uniform grain from the quarter-sawn poplar are simply "out-of-this-world"... In Europe,poplar is only available as ( low-grade) plywood

My personal "icing on the cake" would be a flange on the inner end of the reflex tube - OD ~ 80mm, similar shape as the opening in the baffle... Will reduce K2 distortion of the BR tube significantly....

Cheers, Manfred
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#23 erstellt: 20. Nov 2019, 02:05

bizarre (Beitrag #22) schrieb:
The baffles with the uniform grain from the quarter-sawn poplar are simply "out-of-this-world"...

Thank you for noticing that detail.

As you can see in the photos, I started with plain sawn poplar, cut it up and reassembled it as quarter-sawn. That is a detail I would only expect a hard core "wood" person to notice. Aside from the "looks" it offers a more stable construction with less "movement".

I will see if there is room for the inner "flare" on the BR pipe and will add it if space permits.

Thank you,

David in Canada.
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#24 erstellt: 20. Nov 2019, 08:39
I decided to make some port flares for inside the cabinet tonight to fit 1-1/4" ID ABS pipe.

- Used a circle cutter jig to cut 2-3/4" circles out of 1" MDF.
- Circle jig pilot hole was through drilled

flare 2

- Drilled 3/8" deep hole with 42mm forstner bit for OD of 1-1/4" pipe

port flare hole for pipe seat

- Drilled 3/4" hole for flush trim bit half way through remaining thickness, flipped circle and drilled the other side through. This prevents blow out and why I piloted the 1/8" circle jig hole all the way through

port flare second hole

- Inserted 1-1/4" ID pipe into circle and flush trimmed the inside.

port flare flush trimmed

port flare on pipe

- Rounded over the inside and outside with a 3/8" roundover for a nice internal port flare.

port flare flared

port flare flared and founded

port flare flared and rounded 2

two port flares done

Obviously same method can be used for bigger port tubes and larger round overs can be used.

[Beitrag von DaveFred am 20. Nov 2019, 08:41 bearbeitet]
#25 erstellt: 20. Nov 2019, 09:56

DaveFred (Beitrag #24) schrieb:
flare 2 port flare hole for pipe seat port flare flush trimmed port flare flared port flare flared and rounded 2

also possible: click me and scroll down till " Flanging straight vents made from ABS plastic"
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#26 erstellt: 25. Mrz 2020, 15:19
It has been a while since I posted an update as I have been busy with other projects.

I found a couple of hours last night and I assembled the Twiggy crossovers.

Crossover drilling holes

crossover zip ties

crossover ground wire

crossover caps in

crossover caps in and one inductor

crossover two done

crossover done close up

crossover messey bench
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