Titan 500, worth money?

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#1 erstellt: 22. Dez 2003, 20:19
Hey All.

Well, I've asked something about the Centrum Titan 500 before, and now, after christmas, I'll finally have some money to spend

I've really been thinking of buying this set: http://www.netonnet.de/item.asp?iid=51565.
Mainly becase:
The Titan 500 and Ophelia 330, has gotten some pretty good reviews, and i wrote some people who had them, and they recommended them pretty much. Here's what Tony Holmstedt wrote about Aries 300:
I can just say one thing.... buy it........
7900:- sek, if you want something better you need yo pay over 15.000:- sek. (swedish kroner)

And Andreas Soderstrom about Centrum Titan 500 and Ophealia 330:
I think both the receiver and the speakers sounds fine. For a newbeginner like myself I's great. It gives a good and clear sound when playing music. Beats every stereo I've heard, but as sade, I'm no pro and I havet heard any really expensive equipments.
In sourround its works great, everything sounds like it should. It's a real, real nice experience for me since it's my first sourround. I wont say it's as good as in theaters but it's not far off concidering there's no people disterbing you when your in your livingroom.
Compared to systems in the same priceclass i've heard (one Sony and some Philips) this system exedes in every aspekt. I dont think you can get better sound for a chiper price.
As far as music goes the 10"-basspekers i sufficent but if you really want that really low bas while watching movies you should also bye a subwoffer. I myself got a Sony wm-200 (a rather small sub)that gives the sound I need whitout getting me kicked out of the apartment. You can always bye a subwoffer at a later time if you are i doubt.

But now, again, I'm thinking what i should do.
I think it's pretty sure that I'll buy the TV, but the Centrum Titan 500 i don't know.
Is there a lot of problems with them? Do they easy break?

I don't think I can find as good sound, to that price any other place (????), but then again, i'm a newbeginner. Does anyone have experience with it, and also have experience with other stuffs. Remember it only costs 199EUR, and I don't want to use all that money on it. I don't need many fancy functions since I'm a beginner, and can always upgrade later.

By the way, the Ophelia 330 are pretty good to, thinking of the price??

Hope to hear some experiences, and reviews please..

Thanks in advance

Best regards

Please respond in german, since I'm danish and have problems translating german
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#2 erstellt: 22. Dez 2003, 20:46
i have bought this av receiver and i think for this small money it is very good, but ls are not good.
if you want a good and cheap ls set then buy www.teufel.de
for example concept magnum.
#3 erstellt: 22. Dez 2003, 21:22
What is "Is" ????

Forget it, saw it on www.teufel.de

But are they good, those Magnum?

Can they play loud and good, or what?


I'm starting to look at Yamaha RX-V440 RDS too, please share experiences with that too..... Whats better?

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#4 erstellt: 23. Dez 2003, 01:24
LS means 'Lautsprecher' (=speakers)

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