anything better than DM603S3 for money?

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#1 erstellt: 01. Aug 2005, 23:05
Hi everyone. I'm writing here from Vancouver Island Canada, and as such I'm in a bit of a remote location. There is only 1 (ONE) local shop on the whole island worth going to. I'm in the market for a new set of mini towers and the best, and only, set they have there... (in my $$$range) is the B&W 603 S3's. A 100$ ferry ride away there is much more selection including KEF's Q4, Acoustic Energy's EVO 3, and Monitor Audio's Silver 6's. I like to shop local as the dudes at this shop are truely excellent, but, question is... Have any of you auditioned, or better yet, own(ed) a set of any of these? I'm quite happy with the sound of the 603's, is it worth my while (and 100$) to go over? thanks!
#2 erstellt: 02. Aug 2005, 06:11
Try and listen to the QUAD 22L if they are available in your area. Musically, they are leagues ahead of the 603. The 600 series is the bread and butter range for B&W. They are entry level with lot of compromises built into them to bring down the costs. If you are buying them on a sale at 50 percent off, they are OK. They may work for you if HT is your priority.
#3 erstellt: 02. Aug 2005, 07:49
If you are in Canada, You have a wonderful choice !
Monotor audios are very good.
but you should be looking at used speakers by Totem/Paradigm/Energy/PSB.. and so many more

Do a search in ebay canada as well as Audiogon... you can get more speaker for your buck by going the used way
#4 erstellt: 02. Aug 2005, 12:26
I have heard the 603S3 and monitor audio Silver's.

between the two its monitor audio for me.

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