Philips CDR 775 won't take CD-Rs

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#1 erstellt: 06. Mai 2006, 22:46

Can anyone help explain how to re-align this recorder so that it again accepts CR-Rs in its recorder drive? The player drive works fine every time, but the recorder sometimes won't even take original CDs for playback. The main problem, though, is to get it to accept and record CD-Rs correctly. All quality aspects aside, I know it's easier to use the PC for copying, but I still want the equipment I own to function as intended. Besides, it would mostly be used to make CDs from my old tapes, R2R and CCs. I like the old formats, too!

#2 erstellt: 07. Mai 2006, 21:26
At first i must say my english is not good,but i try it
I also have a philips Cd-Recorder,its Model CDR880.
Which Cd-R have you take? Its important,that you take Cd-R FOR MUSIC or for MUSIC ONLY This must be written on the package.
Normal Pc-CD-R´s doesn´t work. I try it,and put one in,but the Philips write "No audio".
I hope i could give you a little help!
#3 erstellt: 07. Mai 2006, 21:45
Did you use the "Self-Test" function of your Recorder? What Status report does your Recorder show?
If the recorder indicates that everything is working, then you are probably using the wrong type of writeable CDs.
My Philips CDR 760 works fine with writeable Audio CDs from Sony, TDK, Maxell or Philips.
#4 erstellt: 07. Mai 2006, 22:49
Thanks, eger and tiger007!

I didn't mention it, but of course I use audio CD-Rs. The recorder "side" keeps telling me "No disc" for ever and ever, until, after repeated tries, it occasionally accepts a blank and lets me start a recording session. Sometimes this drive even refuses to recognize original CDs for playback, which NEVER happens on the play "side". Unfortunately, this instability problem has caused me to waste so many fairly expensive audio CD-Rs that I really wnat to find a reliable cure. I'm no expert and no technical wizard, so to begin with I'll have a look in the VERY EXTENSIVE manual for the "Self test" which sounds interesting.
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