Dussun, Jungson oder Classic??

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#1 erstellt: 29. Mai 2006, 22:53

I can read German but I think it's best for me to write in English. I did some investigations on the internet on Class A amplifiers. I got really interested in the Chinenese models. They get very good reviews and are cheap and exotic and I like that. I am planning on buying one and importing it. I am down to three amplifiers:

Dussun v6i:
- Some reviewers say it sounds flat and not musical.
- Very wel built heavy amplifier.
- There are reports of the remote control not working very well.

Classic 6.6:
- Some reviewers say it lacks bass control and power.
- Looks really great.

Jungson JA-88D:
- Almost every reviewer loves the sound.
- Has big blue lights which look a little cheap.
- There are some reports of (small)problems.

My question to you guys is:
Which one is the best allround amplifier?
(I realize that it may be a bit of a silly question but I would really appriciate your thoughts)
#2 erstellt: 30. Mai 2006, 12:27
Yout should tell us a little bit more about yourself and your equipment. What about your LS? Do you like wide stage, a lot of bass, brilliant HT?

By now I think Dussun or Jungson should perform better than Classic but I never heard the 6.6 so this is just what I heard from others.
#3 erstellt: 30. Mai 2006, 12:52

I haven't been able to audition any dussun gear, but I had the opportunity of comparing the classic 6.6 vs the jungson, before buying the latter..

this took place quite some time ago, so I don't remember every detail. I didn't miss some bass or control with the classic but the speakers used weren't very demanding either, so no idea about that..

it just seemed to me, that the jungson was playing a little bit warmer (more emotional, less analytical or whateva one might call it), maybe I fooled myself as I had already fallen in love but as long as it sounds good to my ears.. as this was and is more suiting with my taste, I went for it..

in one year of sometimes enough heavy duty () I haven't ever had any reason to complain and am still very happy with my choice. it's biggest drawback is imho the number of entries (only 4, 6 or so would have been nice too) and the absence of a main/power-in..

concerning sonical performance I would prefer the jungson over the classic, but I wouldn't speak of it as an allrounder, eg the classic has more entries and pre-out/main-in. very taste and demand-depending I'd say.

hope to have helped you a little bit, just ask if there are further questions..

greets viktor

ps. about the lights: you can turn them off if they annoy you.. but I don't think it looks so cheap
#4 erstellt: 30. Mai 2006, 15:58
These are my loudspeakers:

It is a DIY version of the Wilson Audio Cub speakers. I got the idea from this website:

They sound very good in the high and mid range. The bass is a bit week for my taste. I think I need an amplifier that gives strong bass output to compensate this a little bit.
#5 erstellt: 30. Mai 2006, 17:27
hy again,

if you're missing some bass, I don't know whether buying a new amp will change this in a satisfactory way. especially these puristic amps with absolutely no sound controls..

if you're otherwise completely happy with your speakers (and/or system) and really just missing some bass, I'd think about simply buying a subwoofer.

greets viktor
#6 erstellt: 30. Mai 2006, 18:32

I will need to buy a new amp because I do not own one at the moment. My last amp was an Audio Analyse P90. With that amp the bass was a little poor. Since you own a Jungson some questions on the JA-88D:

- If you change the volume with the remote control; does it take smal steps or big ones. (I like to be able to change the volume with little steps).
- Does the remote control work well? (It sure looks nice)
- Did you import it from China?
- What was in the box? (powercable etc)
#7 erstellt: 30. Mai 2006, 20:34

Smyrtnjaster schrieb:

I will need to buy a new amp because I do not own one at the moment. My last amp was an Audio Analyse P90. With that amp the bass was a little poor. Since you own a Jungson some questions on the JA-88D:

- If you change the volume with the remote control; does it take smal steps or big ones. (I like to be able to change the volume with little steps).
- Does the remote control work well? (It sure looks nice)
- Did you import it from China?
- What was in the box? (powercable etc)


The Volumecontroll works with small steps, you can adjust the volume very precise. For my relish.

I bought my JA-88D from a German Directimportseller.
Here is the Website: www.jacksondirekt.de
I get mine from the Ebaysite of this seller.

In the box you will find a powercord, a remotecontrol, two batteries, one bladed screwdriver for zero-adjust the analog powermeters, a garantiepaper and a short usermanual.
I think thats all.

bye bye

[Beitrag von Bastler2003 am 30. Mai 2006, 20:35 bearbeitet]
#8 erstellt: 30. Mai 2006, 23:34

(I like to be able to change the volume with little steps).

That's what the Korsun (I had the V8i) really can't do. If I pressed a button on the remote the volume increased/decreased dramatically and I couldn't make it "a bit louder".
The volume of the amp was going from 0 to 12 and I always used only 0,5 to 3. 3 was so loud I'm sure my neighbour could hear every word and 0,5 was just a whisper.
#9 erstellt: 31. Mai 2006, 07:49
In my box were the same contents as bastler2003 already mentioned, as I bought mine from the swiss importer (www.passionhifi.com) I got a swiss powercord. the user manual really is shorter than short..

volume control:
digital steps from 1-100, being very precise. maybe depending on speakers, volume 01 isn't too low, but its fine for late evening sessions. there also is a "fast forward" mode in order to quickly change the volume (otherwise it goes quite slowly), simply press and hold the mode button (remote or amp) until the volume display starts blinking and you can rush from 0 to 20..

both remote controls (amp and cdp) work very well, I only had one problem:
the cutting of one button (or better its hole) was just a little bit too small, so when I pushed this button too off-center it sometimes got stuck. this was a little unlucky sometimes, especially in the evenings, as it was the "vol+" button..
but haven't had that problem for months now

greets viktor

ps. when checking the importers webpage I found that he has risen his prices; for the ja-88d from 1400chf to 2700...
#10 erstellt: 31. Mai 2006, 20:56
Ok, thanks for the information! The Dussun v6i is still high on my list. Mainly due to the build inside of the amp. It has van den Hul loudspeaker cable connecting the amp and the speaker terminals! They take it seroiusly. (I have never heard it) Are there people here who have (ore have had) this particular amplifier and can give me some info on it?

#11 erstellt: 03. Jun 2006, 16:39
V6i is a very good choice but you have a great problem with the volume control and little steps with the remote...
Ist häufiger hier
#12 erstellt: 03. Jun 2006, 17:55
Hello Mas_Teringo,

is the problem with the volume control of the Dussun only a problem of the remote control? Or is the actual volume control on the amplifiers front also a problem? Thanks.
#13 erstellt: 04. Jun 2006, 00:14
The control directly on the amp is not the best I ever had but I could live with it. Really fine steps are not that what you should expect but you can make the music "a little bit louder".
If you push the button of the remote it will result in making a step of "~3 handmade steps on the amp".
#14 erstellt: 22. Jun 2007, 12:38
I reply in english, my german is not good enough. I boughth the Dussun V6I the day before yesterday. I can't stop listening to it, the sound is faboulous. Very clear and very detailed, it never muddles not even at very high volumes. Funny thing is that it did not sound very spectacular in the shop, they had connected it to impressive looking but mediocre sounding chineese speakers. But I decided to buy it anyway based on internet reviews. At home it sounds spectacular with my magnat speakers. It a demo model so I got without the remote control. I don't think you realy need the reomte as all it does is control the volume and the inputs. Using the knob the sound can be adjusted perfectly.

I can really recommend this amplifier, I keep hearing things in my cd's I have never heard before, the sound is very commpelling and musical. I had heard rumours about being unmusivcal or overly analitical, maybe this true for certain speakers, in my case is is absolutely untrue, the sound is warm and makes you want to listen all the time. This amp is a legal drug....
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