Small speaker suggestions?

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#1 erstellt: 04. Okt 2003, 11:14
Its middle of the night but right now I had the idea to buy some small speakers for my office (roughly 13x11x7.5 ft). At the moment I use my pc-speakers.
Now I'm looking for a small to very small bookshelf speaker that can be driven with 25 to 60 watts. I'm looking for one that is non-fatiguing and plays well at low volumes. I already know about Spendor 3/5s and Totem Mites. I need something a little more forgiving of low power than the Spendor, and forgiving of less-than-ideal sources and electronics.
Other possible speakers might be:
Epos ELS 3, Paradigm Atom, Reynaud Twins, Von Schweikert VR-1, Role Audio, NSM, Anthony Gallo, KRK ST-6 or V4.

Any ideas?
#2 erstellt: 04. Okt 2003, 12:07
Hello tom!
What about B&W, Canton, Wharfedale or Dynaudio?
KEF would be an idea, too!

What's your limit?
#3 erstellt: 04. Okt 2003, 17:38
dont you have the place for two good floorstanding speakers?
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#4 erstellt: 04. Okt 2003, 18:00
@Tommy: I also want to buy some little speakers, money does not matter. Please let me know, which speakers you have chosen. I only need them for my bath-rooms, so they have to be water resistant.
#5 erstellt: 04. Okt 2003, 18:09
water resistan speakers for your bath?
take whatever you want and but a plastic bag over it! if you are in the shower you wont hear the difference!
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#6 erstellt: 05. Okt 2003, 08:03
Hello dagon and sledge!
Would you please be so kind to open another thread for water-proof speakers?

Tom, did you allready listen to any of the speakers? And what's your limit?

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#7 erstellt: 06. Okt 2003, 15:46
onion: no problem.
dagon, i open a new thread.
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#8 erstellt: 07. Okt 2003, 06:15
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