I was blown away by the studio-125 proacs

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#1 erstellt: 26. Jan 2005, 13:56
Finally I was able to listen to the studio125's at Prithvi's place this sunday.This is my first experience with proacs.It is a medium-sized, two-way, bass-reflex floorstander with a sensitivity of 87 db.Power handling is 20 to 150 watts.I was very impressed by the looks. Rich and luxurious with real wood veneer. As Proacsays "reassuringly expensive".Very classy looking floorstander which won't look out of place in any decor.

Helpfull as always, prithvi let me play my discs first. Well, I landed with two of my all time fav cds.Pink floyd "wall" and dave brubek live cd2.My jaws almost hit the floor when they started playing the pink floyd.This is the first time I am hearing an audiophile grade floorstander handling rock so well. I am so used to the cadence diva's subdued, sterile presentation of pink floyd.I was expecting something similar.One of the first things I liked about the studio-125 was how close to "real" they sounded !Very real minus any ear fatigue !I just didn't want to turn off the system.The speakers just grab you and put you into the music.This is an ability I look for in any loudspeaker.They are the ones you fall in love with. You just don't wanna turn them off...:))

The bass coming out of the 6.5 inch mid bass driver is unbelievable.Very articulate and tight bass. It became tighter when we used the Linn as the source.The marantz cd player had a slightly fatter bass.This shows how revealing the speakers are ! Prithvi slipped in a JVC xrcd of a japanese artist (don't remember the name). Suddently the speakers dissapeared and the music remained as if the artist was painting a portrait.I could make out the position of each artist.The mids and highs just floated into the room ! This happened in prithvi's less than perfect setup with the speakers set back against the wall and firing into the short axis of the room. I wonder what
they can do if put on the pedestials at murthy's home..:)) Murthy..are you listening ??

This is the first time I am hearing a loudspeaker at this price range perfoming so well.I left prithvi's house feeling a bit sad. Thinking how much I need to save to afford a pair...:))

BTW: I went to prithvi's place to listen to the dynaudio audience 52 se but ended up listening mostly to the proacs. The audience 52's match the proacs in the highs and mids.Very good speakers. But the proacs beat them when it comes to musicality and ability to grab you and put you into the music.The bass is surprisingly good for a bookshelf speaker. The highs and mids sounded a bit thinner compared to the proacs.

Associated equipment.
Linn amp/cd player
Rega- mira amp
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#2 erstellt: 26. Jan 2005, 15:26
Any other member auditioned this Animal? What feedback?

What's the price range we are talking here?

#3 erstellt: 26. Jan 2005, 16:08
Ive heard 'bout this "Animal" and it sure has some great reviews. apparently quite source and amp dependant and supposed to sound best with Warmer amps.

aligned with the proac "house" sound which is very well regarded..

my .02 paise
#4 erstellt: 26. Jan 2005, 21:16
Hi! Sqwave,
It was a pleasure having you over for a demo, just wished I could spend more time with you on sunday. Do come by again for a 2nd listening in, and u will hear more into the detail.

Glad to know you liked the ProAc spks! Now u are going to curse me and become more sadder as the next level of towers namely the ProAc D15 will also be on demo soon and to top it the reference ProAc D100 ( Rs 18 lacs) will be here asap. Looks like I will have to demo them in my huge hall and hope the PLINIUS SA 250 pwr amps come by then to drive the D100.


#5 erstellt: 26. Jan 2005, 21:31
Hi! Arj,
Ur very right, 99% of hi-end spks are very system dependent. Same with ProAc and Linn, You cant just plonk anything rubbish with them, if u do then thats what u'll get out, just give them a PLINIUS, GRYPHON, KRELL, ML etc and get ready to be blown to bits (not only in power but in clarity too)

You can have the best of the serious power amps or even go in for a nice tube amp, sometimes I use the VA-1 on the ProAc studio 125, and I am in a different world and when I want to party just switch amps to a nice huge SS of say 200W and above and then I am blasted off into another universe where my guts are churned till I man enough, enough! (this happens especially on a sunday morning when I am cleaning my car) I love to blast music and washing the car. Yes I am car crazy too and love my car and keep it spotlessly clean too.

A ProAc is a ProAc and nothing can beat such fantastic speakers.:D You can imagine when their entry level S125 can sound so good imagine what their flagship D100 will be like, only damn thing weighs about 150kgs each tower!

I am happy to say that we have more than 12 ProAc customers in a span of 3-4 months. Yes guys all in Bangalore.

The latest being a nice muslim middle aged lady who bought an entire ProAc HT and listens to BONJOVI, METALLICA, STING, PINK FLYOD, MEGADEATH, GNR, DEF LEP AND DEEP PURPLE, AEROSMITH ETC. (surely blew me off)

Learnt one thing though, "you are never too old to enjoy what you like"

Live life king size, balls to what the society says.

#6 erstellt: 26. Jan 2005, 23:08

Prithvi schrieb:
Hi! Arj,
The latest being a nice muslim middle aged lady who bought an entire ProAc HT and listens to BONJOVI, METALLICA, STING, PINK FLYOD, MEGADEATH, GNR, DEF LEP AND DEEP PURPLE, AEROSMITH ETC. (surely blew me off)

That definitely says "Ï Love music and everything else be damned !"
#7 erstellt: 27. Jan 2005, 07:48
to each his/her own poison
#8 erstellt: 27. Jan 2005, 08:49
Can anyone please throw some light about what is the price range of these entry level Proacc Studio 125 speakers ?? Please don't ignore this question
#9 erstellt: 27. Jan 2005, 10:27
In think it should be between 75K to 1 lac range.
#10 erstellt: 27. Jan 2005, 11:29
#11 erstellt: 27. Jan 2005, 11:38
Hi! Subboss,
Just drop in today at 7:30 and you'll meet Manish too. Bring ur own CDs. You wll get to listen to them for an hour only. I actually close at much earlier.

Now dont say I have not invited you. Do get a hanky, cause u'll need it when u leave!


#12 erstellt: 27. Jan 2005, 11:52
Hi pritvi,

thats not the issue.iam actually very busy with work and i don't think so i would be free for another week...it's too much for me to cope up with and when ever i feel i should meet you some work comes up in the priority and i gotta get to it.....thanks for your invitation and we shall meet up soon.most probably i will call you up today in case i plan to drop in and get my wife as well who is new to hifi world...( but can debate that a rack system is any day much much better than a combo )

thanks again....
#13 erstellt: 27. Jan 2005, 13:37
Hey Prithvi,
It Was nice listening to the speakers. Will drop in sometime again for a longer session...:)) The D 15 and D 100 ! wOW ! Call me when they arrive..:) I want to listen to the plinus too.
Hey guys, the price is 1lac. But it is worth it as you won't upgrade for long ,long time !
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