KEF KHT-1005 Vs Wharfedale Moviestar 70+ : Please help me choose

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#1 erstellt: 31. Jan 2005, 15:57

I spoke to my local dealer Sound & Vison, Hyderabad regarding my speaker needs. He strongly suggests the Moviestar 70+ for a budget of Rs 30,000. He thinks that the moviestar 70+ sounds better than the KEF KHT-1005 (

The moviestar 70+ costs around 30,000 while the KEF costs around Rs 24,000. He says that the moviestar is a good bang for the buck compared to the KEF. The KEF is supposedly much better looking.

I am really torn between the looks (I have not seen either of them properly) and performance and price.

In favour of the Moviestar I find that the sound quality is good. In favour of the KEF I find that it is supposedly good looking and it is cheaper.

The fact that the speakers are going to be put in the living room and not in a dedicated HT room pulls me more towards the KEF.

The dealer strongly suggests the Moviestar if looks are not a big deal.

Can someone suggest from both the aesthetic value and sound quality wise if I should be chosing one over the other?

#2 erstellt: 31. Jan 2005, 17:13
Hi !

I think KEF is more expensive and better in quality. Please be sure.


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#3 erstellt: 31. Jan 2005, 17:29
I think the KEF KHT-1005 is around 23,900. Atleast that is the price I have noted at AV Revolutions show in Mumbai in November. It was being offered by ProFX.

I think the KEF KHT-2005 is around 50,000. I will double check tomorrow.
#4 erstellt: 01. Feb 2005, 05:40
Wharfedale also has a 9.1 sub/sat setup...have a look at that as well. better than the moviestar

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