Help! HK AVR and KEF KHT2005.2

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#1 erstellt: 07. Okt 2003, 12:27

Can anyone help me by telling the evil side of buying a HarmanKardon AV 5500 (US model equalent to AV525)with a KEF KHT 2005.2 speaker system. (i got a DVD player, will buy a CD changer later)

I've been trying to decide on a HTS for a couple of months, and finally arrived at the above combination. I want to listen to some instrumental/classical music as well as watch some house structure shaking movies (I guess this is everybody's dream).

Is this a good combination ??? is there anything better for this price ???

BTW how much would something like this cost, does anyone know?

Thank for your comments in advance!
#2 erstellt: 07. Okt 2003, 17:03
the speakers are pretty small. so if you want to shake your house the subwoofer has to have much power. i havent heard it so i can't tell you if this one does his job well. in any case you should listen to the complete set before buying it.
price of kht 2005.2 my be from about $1200 to $1600. i dont know the hk amp, sorry. but someone else might know.
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#3 erstellt: 08. Okt 2003, 09:08
Hello Max3,

sledgehammer may be right, the speakers look very small. If the subwoofer ain't really strong you won't be able to shake your walls. So get to your dealer and listen to some action scenes and music. If it sounds good: buy it, if not don't.
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#4 erstellt: 08. Okt 2003, 10:05
Thanks for the advice guys,

I actually went to the dealer and listened to the complete KHT 2005.2 (sub was about 250W) system with a Marantz Amp. The sound was amazing !!! far from even compairing it to other speakers I have listened to like Bose(very confined sound), JBL(crappy), Infinity Modulus(not so good) and Paradigm Bipoles ( which are in a different league of it's own, so I can't compair).

But what I most liked about the KHT 2005.2's was it's clarity and dispersed sound. I just wanted to get an opinion from you guys.

Any suggestions for the AVR - preferably a 7.1 supported, however 5.1 will do (not interested in 6.1).
#5 erstellt: 08. Okt 2003, 18:32

Congratulations for finding a well sounding small speaker set!
In most cases these sets aren't powerfull but weak (see Bose and other small sets), but KEF shines to fabricate a set which combines both power and small size.
Maybe I should go to the next KEF dealer and try them.

I don't know the HK receiver.
By the way: Which Marantz amp was used in your test? Maybe this one would be a good choice.
#6 erstellt: 09. Okt 2003, 09:36
a small speaker set sounding very good! where on earth exists something like that? i'll be on my way to the next kef dealer to check that! the marantz amp if not too expensive would be a very good idea, if the hk ain't that powerfull you won't be pleased by the sound of your set with the hk.
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#7 erstellt: 13. Okt 2003, 06:31
I think the Amp used was a Marantz 5000 series, I listened to a CD (Dire Straits) it was very impressive. However I read some reviews on the Internet which said the HK is an all rounder for Audio + Video with a good output.
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#8 erstellt: 14. Okt 2003, 05:20
Can somebody also tell me whether it's worth going in for a 7.1 channel AVR instead of 5.1 channel AVR. The HK5550 7.1 channel is about US$950 and the HK 5500 5.1 is about US$600, is the differnce worth it? I mean how long will we have to wait till 7.1 surround is available on DVD's? features are similar, output power is also similar.

Just need some advice on purchasing one of these, what do you guys recommend.
#9 erstellt: 14. Okt 2003, 19:40
if it is mainly for cimena use 7.1 may be better than 5.1. but for music 5.1 is enough. is the marantz available as 7.1 too?
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#10 erstellt: 15. Okt 2003, 08:09
Hello Max3,
sorry but I don't have any experience with the HK. Could you post some technical data?
#11 erstellt: 15. Okt 2003, 18:08
Hey Max3!

If there's a chance try to listen to the HK (best with your set). Another option would be to buy the Marantz amp.
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#12 erstellt: 16. Okt 2003, 08:00
Hi Onion,

Here the technical data about the HK 525 amp
Technical data

In the box: Receiver, wireless remote control (AVR525), zone-2 wireless remote, 5 AAA batteries, 6.5-foot AC power cord, 5-foot FM wire antenna, AM loop antenna, owner's manual, warranty sheet, "Important Safety Precautions" sheet, product registration card
AM-FM tuner: Yes
Bass management: Yes (with Harman's Triple Crossover system)
Dolby Digital decoder: Yes
DTS decoder: Yes
Dolby Pro Logic decoder: Yes
Dolby Pro Logic II decoder: Yes
Dolby Digital EX decoder: Yes
DTS-ES decoder: Yes
Simulated surround sound: Yes (including Harman's Logic 7 processing)
DSP sound fields: 8 (including DTS Neo and two Harman formats)
5.1 channel input: Yes (7.1-channel analog input)
Digital outputs: 1 optical, 2 coaxial (1 coaxial is switchable as input)
Digital inputs: 3 optical, 3 coaxial (1 coaxial is switchable as output)
Continuous Average Power (FTC) Per Channel (Stereo): 85 Watts per channel @ less than 0.07 percent THD, 20Hz to 20 kHz, both channels driven into 8 Ohms
Seven-Channel Surround, Power Per Channel: Front L & R Channels: 70 Watts per channel @ less than 0.07 percent THD, 20Hz to 20 kHz into 8 Ohms; Center Channel: 70 Watts @ less than 0.07 percent THD, 20Hz to 20 kHz into 8 Ohms; Surround Channels (L & R Side, L & R Back): 70 Watts per channel @ less than 0.07 percent THD, 20Hz to 20 kHz into 8 Ohms
Audio digital-to-analog converter: 192 kHz/24-bit
Headphone jack: Yes (.125-inch)
Multiroom control: Yes
MP3 decoding: Yes (when signal comes through coaxial or optical digital-audio connection)
HDCD decoding: Yes
Onscreen display: Yes
Remote control: Yes (2)
Front-panel AV inputs: Yes (switchable input/output)
AC outputs: 2
Audio inputs: 7 stereo analog (left/right) RCA
Phono input: No
Audio outputs: 1 set of multichannel (7.1) RCA outputs, 4 sets of stereo analog (left/right) outputs (including 1 set for multiroom use), 8 speaker-level outputs
Composite video inputs: 5
Composite video outputs: 3
S-video inputs: 5
S-video outputs: 3
Component video inputs: 2
Component video outputs: 1
Radio station presets: 30 AM/FM
Multichannel ready: Yes
Preamp: Yes (7.1-channel analog output)
Input Sensitivity/Impedance Linear (High-Level): 200mV/47k Ohms
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (IHF-A): 95 dB
Surround System Adjacent Channel Separation: Dolby Pro Logic I and II: 40 dB, Dolby Digital: 55 dB, DTS: 55 dB
Frequency Response at 1W (+0 dB,to3 dB): 10Hz to 100 kHz
High Instantaneous Current Capability (HCC): +/-45 Amps
Transient Intermodulation Distortion (TIM): Unmeasurable Slew Rate: 40V/µsec
FM Tuner Frequency Range: 87.5 to 108.0 MHz
Usable Sensitivity (FM Tuner): IHF 1.3µV/13.2 dBf
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (FM Tuner): Mono/Stereo 70 dB/68 dB
Distortion (FM Tuner): Mono/Stereo 0.2 percent/0.3 percent
Stereo Separation (FM Tuner): 40 dB @ 1 kHz
Selectivity (FM Tuner): +/-400 kHz 70 dB
Image Rejection (FM Tuner): 80 dB
IF Rejection (FM Tuner): 90 dB
Frequency Range (AM Tuner): 520 to 1710 kHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (AM Tuner): 45 dB
Usable Sensitivity (AM Tuner): Loop 500µV
Distortion (AM Tuner): 1 kHz, 50 percent Mod. 0.8 percent
Selectivity (AM Tuner): +/-10 kHz, 30 dB
Television Format: NTSC
Input Level/Impedance (Video): 1Vp-p/75 Ohms
Output Level/Impedance (Video): 1Vp-p/75 Ohms
Video Frequency Response: Composite and S-Video: 10Hz to 8MHz (- 3 dB), Component Video: 10Hz to 50MHz (- 3 dB)
Power Requirement: 120V AC/60Hz
Power Consumption: 120W @ idle, 1,040W @ rated output (7 channels driven)
Item length: 17.1 inches
Item width: 17.3 inches
Item height: 6.5 inches
Item weight: 44 pounds
Warranty: 2 years parts and labor
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#13 erstellt: 16. Okt 2003, 08:07
I too believe there's nothing to match the box speakers when compairing with small satellite speakers, however the best I have come across for it's size are the KEF KHT 2005.2's.

If I was not concerned about the size or the looks, and I had the option of buying the KEF KHT 2005.2's or
4 x B&W DM303 (2 fronts, 2 rears)
1 x B&W LCR 60 (centre)
1 x B&W ASW500 (sub woofer) what would you guys have to say about this ? from what I heard the sound is a bit better than the KEF's but is this a good combination for a HTS as well as Music ? or should I stick to the KEF's? pice range I think will be very similar.
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#14 erstellt: 16. Okt 2003, 08:17
Hello max3
85 watts per channel should be enough for satellite speakers.
If I could choose between the KEF speakers and the B&W speakers I would try to listen to both of them and then decide. Without hesring both I'd prefer the B&W, they are bigger and look better . And, as you said, they should be better for stereo music (because of their size).
#15 erstellt: 17. Okt 2003, 07:48
without having heard both of them Id prefer the b&w too. but maybe the sound of the kef speakers is really that good. onion told you that the b&w might be better for stereo thats what I would tell you too. two bigger front speakers are better than two small ones. but it should be decided after listening to both of them with the same music and if possible the same (yours) amp.
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#16 erstellt: 17. Okt 2003, 10:32
Thanks for your advice,

Actually I went and did just what you guys said. ( I listened to both). KEF 2005.2 and B&W DM303 speakers. My personal opinion at that time was that although kef didn't have that punch as much as B&W. The KEF seemed to produce a more refined, cleaner sound. I though the B&W 303's were producing a bit too much highs and a bit short of mids. This would be uncomfortable for me, I'll endup with a headache after listening to music for a few hours. Ofcourse this doesn't go for all B&W's, I've heard that the 600 serier is superb. I tried the KEF Cresta's and they were a much better, more base was there.

So I guess it's most likely the KEF's, I've also heard of the KEF KHT 1005's, unfortunately my dealer has not got them yet, (have to wait 2 weeks more to listen to them), so if anyone has listen to them pls give your recommendation.

I'm thinking of getting the KEF 5.1, and later (after collecting some more money, buying 2 good stereo speakers, maybe B&W 600 series or the KEF Q3's or Q5's).
#17 erstellt: 17. Okt 2003, 18:54
If you think the KEFs are better then take the KEF speakers. I don't know the KHT1005 :(.
So you are thinking about buying a 7.1 amp and use it as 5.1 until you collected some money to buy two really good front speakers? That's a good idea for stereo music. But for 7.1 you should consider that all the speakers should fit together. And two big and powerfull front speakers might overpower the rest.

This problem can be solved by fitting the speakers using individual volume control of the amp.
#18 erstellt: 17. Okt 2003, 18:59
Hey again, webon is just searching opinions about b&w 3xx and 6xx, maybe you can help him?
It's the "Searching some B&W" thread.
#19 erstellt: 18. Okt 2003, 17:53
frank is right about the problem with bigger front speakers. but he has given the solution. so that shouldnt be a problem. but it would be better if you check that with your own ears and/or ask your dealer if he thinks thats (technically) possible.
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