benq PB 6110

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#1 erstellt: 01. Jul 2005, 13:36
hello !!

how is the benq pb6110 projector ppl..i m in malaysia tuday ..and am gettin it for 38K INR.. its a DLP one ...2000:1 contrast....1500 ANSI...1280 x 1024 pixels..
pls tell me if this is gud ..or ne other projector..i hve to buy it ASAP...
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#2 erstellt: 01. Jul 2005, 14:15
Price looks very good. It is important that you are sure of the quality. Parts like replacement bulbs could be prohibitively high.

I saw a Benq DLP in Seoul for about twice the price. You may be getting an excellent price. Let us know your experience if you go for it.
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#3 erstellt: 01. Jul 2005, 15:13
Price is excellent and the projector specs look good..
For that price it is actually a steal!
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#4 erstellt: 02. Jul 2005, 10:03
thanx i think i will go for it ..
and one more thing the yamaha RV-x1500 i am getting for 30k inr.... so wht abt tht ...thanks a lot ppl...
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#5 erstellt: 03. Jul 2005, 21:02
The receiver again is a steal for that price.
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#6 erstellt: 03. Jul 2005, 22:35
Kewl, the DLP projector seems to be a steal. Let me know where in Malaysia you are getting such deals. I may want to plan a trip to this place myself
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#7 erstellt: 04. Jul 2005, 01:51
oki ppl...
the place is Low Yat plaza ...its in the city only..and you can also check out
IMBI plaza..

rote now i m in singapore..will chek the priuces here..hrd it scheaper here..

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#8 erstellt: 04. Jul 2005, 02:20
Kewl, try the Sim Lim square. Be sure to do your research on the net before you head out to this place. There has been reports of used products packaged in a new box. You should avoid the lower floors where the shops generally rip you and head straight to the upper floors. Good luck and let us know your experience.
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#9 erstellt: 04. Jul 2005, 15:03
hey dude..thnx for the info
i went to sim lin only tuday...gettin the benq projector...for 1500SGP with a 70" x 70" screen !!

and am trying to get a yamaha rxv 657 or 1500...for a gud price !!!
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#10 erstellt: 04. Jul 2005, 15:10
Go ahead Kewl..
the deal on the projector is really good ..
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#11 erstellt: 04. Jul 2005, 15:42
Great. Have you tried the world audio centre at Sim Lim. They seem to be fairly reliable but the prices online are generally higher. I am told that they quote a lower price in store. Basically you are expected to bargain in most stores in Sim Lim.

Is there any reason you are going for the Yamaha receivers only. May I suggest NAD or Marantz in this range for you to audition.
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#12 erstellt: 25. Aug 2005, 05:16
Hey Kewl,
How did the projector work out for you..
Do let me know..
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