Yamakawa+Sanyo Z2 : should I buy R1 dvd´s ?

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#1 erstellt: 18. Mrz 2004, 00:12

Sorry for the English post but this seems a good forum to clarify the following:

I am a proud owner of the combo Yamakawa 365 + Sanyo Z2 and
I am using a DVI connection. I watch R2 Pal dvd´s.

I am using the latest Yamakawa V.271T firmware that as far as I know supports 720/50HZ output for Pal.

As far as I know the sanyo Z2 don´t accept correctly a 720/50 Hz input.

I ask?

1) Are there any visible problems with 720/50 Hz input using the Yamakawa+Sanyo Z2?


2) Are there any real differences in the image beetween 720/50 and 720/60
input using the Yamakawa+Sanyo Z2?


should I buy R1 dvd´s ?


#2 erstellt: 18. Mrz 2004, 01:33
I know a problem with very long DVI-D cabels below 7meters
the signal of the yamakawa is not strong enought for a few combinations,
hm, the Z2 should work without any problems with 50Hz, it's build for it.

PAL (R2) DVD's have a higher resolution, then US DVD's with NTSC, so die yamakawa has not to scale so much and the quality should be better.
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