Ifi Micro iDSD Black Label VS Chord Mojo (englisch)

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#1 erstellt: 31. Mai 2018, 22:25
Hallo, hier ein Review den ich auf Englisch verfasst habe. Auf Nachfrage uebersetze ich ihn gerne, aber hier erst einmal das “Original”

Ifi micro iDSD Black Label vs Chord Mojo (Sennheiser HD800S)

I spent considerable time reading all forum entries and reviews comparing the Ifi and Chord devices ... Since I could not decide, I asked around and was able to use both for approximately 10 hours each - albeit not at the same time. Sorry folks, no direct sound comparison, but I found my clear winner. I used my Sennheiser HD800S with both devices, connected to my iPhone via the lightning / camera adapter.

First - the most important: Sound. For my taste, both sounded excellent with my HD800S. From memory, it is hard to recall a concrete difference, both had great dynamics, soundstage, and powered the HD800S very well. If pressed, I’d probably say that the mojo sounds a bit more harmonious, but this could be the forum writer’s influence. However, i noticed that the ifi can be harsh with the HD800S, but not to the degree to become a deal breaker.

However, here the most important issue, deciding the match very early on. I love my HD800S because of their soundstage, comfort and overall amazing sound quality, but I do feel that the bass misses some punch. The IDSD black label has two sound enhancing functions called XBass and 3D. The latter is a hit-and-miss (it works nice with some type of percussion music) and I could do without it, but the XBass function is a clear winner for me with my HD800S. It is of course is an artificial sound profile, but one can feel that a lot of work went into it, it is definitely not overblown and rather subtle, and affects the lower and mid bass level. I use it all the time now, and am very happy with the sound without seeing any need to deal with equalizer settings of the player I use (Onkyo). In comparison, the mojo does its job very well, but for the HD800S, I do need to make some manual adjustments to slightly enhance the bass.

Now to the second factor of the devices, design and portability. The ifi is much larger than the mojo. One might conclude that the mojo clearly wins the race, but not quite. The mojo is smaller but rather high, making it an odd combo with the iPhone, they do not fit together very well. The ifi is flat and I can simply place my iPhone on top. Even better, with the ifi, I can connect the lightning/USB cable directly into the plug and it looks very organized. The mojo requires that I use an USB cable with the lightning adapter plug causing a bit of clutter and a weak link since the cables separate very easy. I should also mention that with both DACs, it is only a semi-portable solution, enough to move around a bit, but for sure not suitable for carrying iPhone and DAC in a trouser pocket. Since I need to place them on top of each other anyway, I prefer once again the ifi.

So, in the end it all depends on what you want to do with your smartphone and device, and which headphones you use. If you are not sure which one to take, I feel the ifi is the more thought out and versatile solution. But for sure the mojo has its advantages - interesting design, a warm musical sound and also a cheaper price, so it is by no means a wrong buy. Just for my needs, I’d get the ifi overall.
#2 erstellt: 01. Jun 2018, 06:04

herzlichen Dank für Deinen Beitrag, den ich gerade verschoben habe.
Gründe dafür sind, dass
1. wir ein deutschsprachiges Forum sind, Reviews demnach auch in dieser Sprache gehalten sein sollten und
2. die Besprechung für den Review-Bereich doch eher zu kurz ausfällt.

Bei entsprechender Neuerstellung oder Überarbeitung kann ich natürlich gerne retour verschieben.

Viele Grüße
-für die Moderation-
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#3 erstellt: 01. Jun 2018, 12:30
Hallo, kein Problem und besten Dank fuer die Pflege des schoenen Forums. Ich uebersetze und erweitere den Artikel gerne falls Interesse besteht. Bis dahin lass ich es einfach mal so stehen, evtl. nutzt es doch jemanden bei der Entscheidungsfindung (mir haette es das) ...

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#4 erstellt: 03. Jun 2018, 01:44
Einfach in die derzeit beste Übersetzungs-Software einsetzen und fertig.

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