the nesa one high features

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#1 erstellt: 09. Feb 2005, 19:12
audio NESA ONE for solutions Hi Fi - - proposal turned to the operating ones of the field -
I address to the companies of the field interested to undertake the production of this product or to the cession of the licence.

Sure data for the elevated number of customers who use the Home for games uses (you see videogames) and given the possibility to unload music and analogous, I allow myself to introduce an electronic device to you of elevated qualitative level, fruit of an taken care of search between very high-end and witnesses inherent to the psicoacustica of the Audio Boston Enginering.

The NESA™ it uses devices with devices to high speed, members passes to you selects to you, not illustrabile unknown layout, printed circults to you realizes from a company manufacturer to you of c.s. for aerospace components , Pin-Plug plated of gold and a type of cabinet that the Floating-load of the electronics cicuit puts into effect electronic after taken care of a calculation of the stiffnesses in-out.

It has six escapes audio in order to put into effect the following functions:

Home Theatre a new surround effects

Marked stereofonia on four channels with a virtual effect of presence, particular attention to the voices of the sung one and the accompanyment, such to compare itself to ologramma sonorous rather than a video.

The NESA™, inserted in an adapted context, decidedly improves the performances of whichever equipment audio and it becomes part in an audio context of equipment thoughts for solutions of high level. It realizes a surround in a position to modifying the phase and the energetic content of marks them and it is placed like valid alternative to similar solutions.

It can be inserted in chains audio of highest level for the intrinsic acoustic qualities.
The NESA™ it has supplied optimal the following performances with equipment:
cd player CD Denon luxman lv 105
marantz 3300 250 powers amplifiers C1000 lux and mq 36
4411 JBL Control Monitor klipsh la scala and other
One becomes part in contexts audio Hi-End of high level
for more details
Nesa audio handcrafted solution
Lange E. electronics hardware audio solution
North italy Gallarate

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