Polk Audio - any experience with Monitor 50 / RT6i

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#1 erstellt: 04. Feb 2005, 17:03

Please share your experience or thoughts on Polk Audio speakers in general and specifically on the models called Monitor 50 and RT6i.

Please also compare them with the other brands that we frequently discuss here - Wharfedale, KEF, Acoustic Energy and Jamo.

How would these match with a NAD 320BEE?

Thanks in advance
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#2 erstellt: 05. Feb 2005, 09:07
Hello Everyone,

Can it be that no one has ever seen or heard of Polk Audio speakers?

I have heard that these guys will be in India soon and their speakers are well priced.

Check out these links:

Floorstander Monitor 50:

Bookshelf RT6i:

The Monitor series is a entry level series (comparable to Diamonds) and RT is medium segment (comparable to Coda).

Hope to hear from someone soon....cmon Manek, Arj et all.

#3 erstellt: 05. Feb 2005, 09:10
cant say much becuase havent heard the polk's...though my brother was about to buy them and then chnaged his mind to athena's instead...! I'll be damned if i know why !

#4 erstellt: 05. Feb 2005, 20:45
Polk used to make really good speakers some time back..But now they are more marketing driventhese days
They would rate higher than wharfedale..more in the paradigm/klipsch/energy/athena/KEF market.
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#5 erstellt: 06. Feb 2005, 09:36
Thanks Manek & Arj for the updates.

Some of the models have got good reviews from Stereophile etc but the British magazines totally ignore them. I was glancing through some issues of What Hifi, Hifi Choice and didn't spot any references in the Buyer's Guide.

I plan to check them out after they get released here.

On a different track - could you share your thoughts -

Is it better to buy floorstanders like Acoustic Energy Evo 3 or Wharfedale 8.3/9.4 OR buy the Quad 11?

I am keen to buy the AEs actually but I would like to hear from you what would be difference if compared to Quad 11.
Additional budget would be necessary for stands.

My amp is the NAD 320BEE.

#6 erstellt: 06. Feb 2005, 16:46
AEs are acutally very much underrated speakers. i found them to be pretty good, although have heard them only in the HT setup.
a 5.1 recording of Diana Krall was very very good with them hence will not be surprised if they perform well in a stereo as well
#7 erstellt: 06. Feb 2005, 16:51
with regard to reviews. as there are a Huge no of speaker manufacturers, most mags review speakers only from that country, as the reviwing game has an element of economics and politics to it

Stereophile is primarily ameraican hence most of its reviews are focussed on US products (There are exceptions but these are because of US distributors of that product and the clout they have)

British mages like Hifi+,Hifi Choice, What hifi etc etc are more focused on Eorppean products as the US imports are priced much higher

Best option is to go Online for reviews..

eg http://www.ecoustics.com/Home/Home_Audio/Speakers/
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