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#1 erstellt: 04. Apr 2005, 09:33
I'm looking for some advice. Has anybody auditioned Polk Audio, Monitor Series..

I'm looking some decent (Open to Bookshelves, as well as Floor standers) speakers for my NAD 320 Amp.

Main (90%) purpose is Stereo. Looking for tight bass, and clear vocals.

Thanks in advance.

#2 erstellt: 04. Apr 2005, 09:58
Go to page-2,and you will find few reviews/comments on Polk-Audio.
#3 erstellt: 04. Apr 2005, 10:34
I heard the pols RTI10 and LSI8/9

I liked the lsi speaker a lot but its kinda overpriced at 48k a pair hear it, maybe you may like it and want to pay the asking price.

the RTI10 were decent for 46k and would be good for pop/rock/HT kind of application. The speakers I heard had a hot top end but were quit clear and bass was pretty tight. I'm sure they would have smaller versions in the RTI series as well.

whats your budget like ?

#4 erstellt: 04. Apr 2005, 10:39
Smaller versions of RTI I'm not sure .but you can get to higher versions of Monitor -- monitor 70.........heard it very good ......good at 32k
...here look at it :


AKG wrote :

Main (90%) purpose is Stereo. Looking for tight bass, and clear vocals.

check em out for yourself as polk guys allow you to carry your own amp there to listen.....

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#5 erstellt: 04. Apr 2005, 11:00
i believe there are the rti8 as well...3 driver implementation.

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#6 erstellt: 15. Jun 2005, 17:21
hi akg,
polks monitor series are very good, i have been using monitor 4A which is a book shelf by them since the last 14 years now and still giving me nirvana in the bedroom.... apart from some girls i just bring into my bedroom to listen to some good music, i swear just good music.
my next buy would have been polk if they would have come in earlier, i just bought this set up a few months back with help from manek, arj, and friends, hope they remember
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rotel 1070 power amp
rotel 1072 cd player
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