Speakers for NAD C352

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#1 erstellt: 29. Mrz 2005, 07:13

I am looking out for speakers(Mainly Bookshelf speakers) to go with my NAD C352 amplifier. I have already checked out PSB Image 1B and 2B, I was highly impressed with the NAD C352 and PSB Image 2B combination. Can you please let me know whether there are any bookshelf speakers in the same range that can be auditioned with the NAD?


I have also heard that Paradigm's Monitor series goes really well with the NAD, So I would really appreciate any info regarding dealers for Paradigm in Bangalore.
#2 erstellt: 29. Mrz 2005, 07:19
the psb image 2b is I think now a discontinued product...is it not ? if so you should be getting good discounts for it.

Wharfdale diamond 9 series would be a competitor to PSB and one of the options.

Yes, the nad-PSB synergy is good.

What's the PSB 2B being sold at ?

#3 erstellt: 29. Mrz 2005, 07:38

Yes you are right it is indeed a discontinued product.I was getting PSB Image 2B for 25k. I hadn't negotiated on the price however. I had just auditioned the speakers.


Manek, any idea about Paradigm Monitor series dealers in India (specifically Bangalore) ? And also your opinion regarding Paradigm. Thanks a lot!!!
#4 erstellt: 29. Mrz 2005, 07:49
25K for image 2B ??? i think thats a lot...the last I heard 2b's were being sold in bombay at 21K many months ago. Earlier the pricing was 19K.

sorry havent heard the paradigm's, cant say much but read nice things about paradigm speakers from time to time.

for 22K I think you should hear other models as well. def tech had good bookshelves for that price with the passive radiators, I quite liked them when I heard them. Wonder if they are available now. If you can get a used pair of cadence aritas or quad 12L's for that price, grab them. The quad 11L are I think being sold at 25K new.

#5 erstellt: 29. Mrz 2005, 08:51

Paradigms offer fantastic value for money!

Depends upon your budget of course, but I would suggest that you listen to the Studio range.

I have the Studio 100 V.3s myself, and I must say am very happy with them. Very fine resolution with gobs of clean bass, but their best feature, IMO, is the way they, despite their large size, seem to completely disappear, leaving behind a rock solid and entirely believable soundstage.

Check out Kalman Rubinson’s review of the Studio 60 v3 and John Atkinson’s review of the Studio 100 v3 in Stereophile….
#6 erstellt: 29. Mrz 2005, 08:52
Paradigm, i feel is a slightly overhyped brand on the net.
The Atoms are great Entry level speakers. did own them while I was in the US. they get interesting with their studio series. havent heard their Signature series.

I feel you can do better with Missions. the PSBs are also pretty good speakers.
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#7 erstellt: 29. Mrz 2005, 09:59
Go for Dynaudio audience 42, a terrific speaker with neutral midrange. Nad can drive it cooly as its impedence does not go below 4 ohms.
#8 erstellt: 29. Mrz 2005, 12:57
Hi everybody!!

Thanks a million for your responses. I wanted to know whether you guys have any info regarding dealers for Paradigm, PSB and Mission Speakers in Bangalore. I could locate the dealer for Wharfedale however.

Thanks once again!!

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