Speakers for a Nad 370

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#1 erstellt: 17. Jan 2004, 23:00
My father in law bought a NAD 370 about six months ago and has blown up a pair of BnW's and a Set of Jamo E800's he is using another set of E800's at the moment but I fear for their lives

Can anyone recomend a good set of stand mounted speakers that will tolerate the Nad 370's high power output ?


#2 erstellt: 19. Jan 2004, 14:48
I think a 200-250w floorstander will be perfect for that amp. It´s the better speaker power for that amp I think.You have a lot of products in this range, you must test them with your amp, in the room where you´re going to use it and decide if it´s good or not, we can´t do it for you test some speakers with your favourite music and decide.

Anyway you need to say what type of music are you gonna hear, in what room (size)...
#3 erstellt: 19. Jan 2004, 15:22
busting speakers with a nad 370 ? what volume levels does he hit on an average ???? 3 o'clock ??? the nad 370 pumps out 125 watts per channel.

blowing up B&W and Jamo(which are pretty tough to blow)....he would definately blow up others as well so ask him to switch on the soft clipping switch in the NAD 370(behind the amp)which will protect his future speakers.

as webon pointed out buy a speaker whose power handling capacity is about 150-200W.
#4 erstellt: 23. Jan 2004, 16:55
Thanks for the advice, I had no idea that the NAD amp had that feature.

He has at least three big party's a year, and so the living room gets converted into a Disco for the evening this is what causes the Amp to be turned up
#5 erstellt: 23. Jan 2004, 18:13
the soft clipping is for that purpose only...

but if he drives the speakers over the power handling rating then even the soft clipping work work for him. he needs to get speakers with more power handling capability.
If he likes jamo, Jamo has other speakers with higher power handling like D590 or E875.
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