speakers for marantz pm7001

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#1 erstellt: 25. Mrz 2007, 09:30
Hi all, which pair of speaker you guys suggest with marantz pm7001, as forum says about marantz little laid back and dull sounding amp, can there be any good pair of speaker which may increase the bass and overall performance of marantz ?
#2 erstellt: 26. Mrz 2007, 12:19
Marantz is not a “dull “sounding amp. It is slightly laidback in nature. The opposite of “in your face” type amps. This does not mean that, if you pair it with a forward sounding speaker, you will get the best of both worlds. It may just turn out to be a total mismatch. Some popular pairings I have noticed with Marantz are Morduant-short, Monitor-Audio and Epos. Try some combinations yourself and let your ears decide.
#3 erstellt: 27. Mrz 2007, 16:17
One of my friend has Yamaha AX-496 Stereo amplifier paired with Bose Acoustimass 5 Series III Stereo Speaker System for quite sometime now. He felt the Amplifier is quite bright, especially in low volumes, lacking depth...so is considering to buy Marantz PM 7001 and retain the Bose speakers. Any views on this setup? Has anyone got something similar?

He listens to jazz and classic rock most times and is looking for a setup which sounds musical, warm and laidback
#4 erstellt: 27. Mrz 2007, 16:42
Hi Voodoo,
Havent heard Bose + Marantz, but it would definitely sound better than Bose + Yammy...thats just my gut feel.
#5 erstellt: 27. Mrz 2007, 17:21
The acoustimass system is the worst speaker for a guy who listens to Jazz / classic rock They are good for pop and background music.
As him to get rid of that first. If he fancies a sub / satellite system at a similar cost, he could just pick up a pair of wharfedale 9.1 bookshelf speakers or something on similar lines and probably pair it with a decent active subwoofer and be done with it. Changing the amp with a Bose sub / sat is not going be of much help.
#6 erstellt: 28. Mrz 2007, 11:29
Have asked him to consider another option...let go off the Bose speakers and retain the Yamaha AX-496 Stereo amplifier, then look for speakers like Wharfedale 9.1/9.2, Dali Concept series to see if they sound sweeter. I felt its better than keeping the Bose speakers and disposing off the Yamaha amplifier. What do you guys feel about the same? If its a more sensible option than the earlier one, any other speakers which are a good match with Yamaha?

PS - Bobby..sorry for hijacking your thread
#7 erstellt: 28. Mrz 2007, 13:27
Any decent hifi speakers should play “ ok “ with the yammy. Later he can change the amp to a better one and extract better out of the speaker.
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#8 erstellt: 28. Mrz 2007, 14:57
Yes vodoo you hijacked my thread anyway howz your nad and psb sounding
#9 erstellt: 28. Mrz 2007, 16:41

bobbybpl schrieb:
Yes vodoo you hijacked my thread anyway howz your nad and psb sounding

Well bobby...I'm happy to say the least, I've been listening to a variety of music and it feels really good. I'm quite lazy, need to fix some things...summer has made things worse

But who cares! will take it slow...

One thing I've been doing is experimenting on the speaker placements, have got a fair idea now about the difference it makes...as the days have gone by, I'm bothered less about the setup improvements and its more and more music
#10 erstellt: 05. Apr 2007, 16:14
hi bobby,

had a chance to check any speakers or still thinking

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#11 erstellt: 06. Apr 2007, 08:41
Hi vodoo,
yes i am still trying to explore some more brands, although acoustic portrait is almost finalized however i would like to try Athena, have heard about it but never auditioned it,how about your setup,you must be getting the most of it.
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