Speakers for Quad 22 amps

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#1 erstellt: 12. Mrz 2004, 13:32
I have got my dads old quad 22 amp/preamp setup refurbished and was looking for recommendations on what speakers would match the output from those amps i think its like 15 wats dunno at how many ohms..
his old tannoy gold monitors in a york enclosure are lying around.. any comments/suggestions?
#2 erstellt: 12. Mrz 2004, 20:03
Udit you lucky guy! Quads...

The Tannoys Yorks are still classics...although they would suit Classical and perhaps vocals more..thats what my understing of these althougn i have not even seen these...

Anyway for the Amp/Pre Amp you need a speaker with 8 ohms load and atleast 90db sensitivity...BTW what kind of music do you prefer and what is you approximate room size ? also your budget

Montor Audio/JM Lab/Klipsch/B&W/ all three go along very well with low power tubes...

BTW..most of the old Tannoys still fetch as good price in the Vintage market...should improve your budget if your dad allows you to sell them

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#3 erstellt: 15. Mrz 2004, 07:39
hi arj,
i am gettting the tannoy's reconed and then am going to see how they sound.. probably going to be using them in my living room which is quite large and the main sort of music would predominantly be jazz.. lets see how it goes.. if not then i can spend upto a 1000-1400$ i guess.. unless there is something really special and worth the extra $$

I thought the usual b/w and monitor audio etc would be too power hungry for the 15 watts of power but maybe i was wrong.. so i guess anything over 90db ensivity would be ok ??

ruark swordsman @ 87db sensivity, would these speakers be suited?
#4 erstellt: 15. Mrz 2004, 08:57
Hi Udit,

for 15 W you may need Higher sensitivity than 90...how are the Yorks with this ? If you get your expected sound levels from them , then that would be the sensitivty to target

87 db might be just that difficult to drive.. eg for a 3db increase in outut you need to double the amount of power..hence for the same db output the ruark would need Double then power than a 90db speaker and so on.

there are quite a few High sensitivty speakers out there
LothX,Klipsch, Deftech, i believe even monitor audio , JM labs, and BW should be ok for small to moderate sized rooms and a listening distance of upto 3 m from speakers..and these do have models in your range as well..and I also doubt if they may sound as good as your current speakers once they are broken in !

I have a 25W amp and 98 db speakers..I doubt if I ever go above the 9 o clock mark without blasting my eardrums !
#5 erstellt: 15. Mrz 2004, 09:37
15 watts....I would have told you go for the quad 21L or even the quad 22L with your quads but the 21L and 22L present a 6 ohm load and are about 88db sensitivity.

B&W at whatever spec are difficult to drive so do avoid them on the counts of the power available from the amps. Klipsch would be a good option if you like horns.

speakers with an 8 ohm load and 90db plus sensitivity would be your bet as arj mentioned.
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