Speakers with NAD 740

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#1 erstellt: 24. Mrz 2005, 00:17
I am looking speakers advice on my receiver NAD C740.
I tried PSP speaker coupled with a similar NAD amplifer in a showroom, I was disapointed but listening a couple of proac sutdio 100 and 125 was amazing the space sound a this natural timber specially when powered with high duty amplifier.

I am still hesitating to buy those proac and may be the new one studio 130. The vendor was telling that these speakers needs power and would not play so good on my receiver.

Any advice, may be on other speakers with the NAD C740

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#2 erstellt: 24. Mrz 2005, 06:40
it would be sacrilegious to pair those Proacs with the Nad receiver. first of all go for a dedicated stereo amp(many good ones, better to talk to Prithvi on this one) for the Proacs ,then drive them thru the stereo amp by using the preouts on the Nad receiver when u are using the ProAcs for HT mode.My two cents.
if u are seriously considering ProAc then u MUST speak with Prithvi.
#3 erstellt: 24. Mrz 2005, 08:00
BTW Where did you get the NAD reciever from and how much did you pay for it....I too am looking for NAD recievers
#4 erstellt: 25. Mrz 2005, 16:13
I got it form a store in switzerland 3 years ago about 800 USD at that time.
#5 erstellt: 25. Mrz 2005, 19:09
Hi! Samsam,
U cn bring ur receiver along and listen to it with the ProAc D15s. The ProAc Studio 130 & 140 are already ordered and will be here shortly,

Also have the LINN Katan's. The NINKA's will be here by the middle of next week.

Pls call me on 25327496 b4 u come.
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