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Quad 11L Kompaktlautsprecher - Test, Reviews und Bewertungen

Stereo Front-Lautsprecher, 150 Watt Belastbarkeit, 86 dB Wirkungsgrad, 45 - 24000 Hz Frequenzgang

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  • Avatar von ddeora 8 Best Amp for Quad 11L? Nad vs Rotel vs Marantz vs CA
    Guys, I am in a dilemna about finding a good speaker / stereo amp match. I kinda liked the Nad c320bee and c352 but I also liked the Wharfedale 9.1 and Quad 11Ls and I think I would like to buy the Quad 11Ls. I found the Nads to emphasize the bass a bit more than I would like which I found... weiterlesen → ddeora am 09.02.2005 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 10.02.2005
  • Avatar von panditr 20 QUAD 11L speakers
    Can anybody help me to find a Quad dealer in Delhi. Also please recommend bookshelf speakers to go with a Rotel RA-1070. I am looking at bookshelf speakers as my room gets very boomy with bass even at low volumes. I am not fond of too much bass in my music. So any help will be appreciated.... weiterlesen → panditr am 01.08.2005 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 24.08.2005
  • Avatar von Voodoo_CHild 21 NAD C320BEE or C325BEE
    Guys, What is the difference between NAD C320BEE and C325BEE? From the specs given on the NAD website these were the differences I observed between the two models; C320BEE Vs. C325BEE Rated distortion 0.03% 0.02% (THD 20Hz-20kHz) Damping factor... weiterlesen → Voodoo_CHild am 29.09.2006 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 13.10.2006
  • Avatar von panditr 10 Jamo E855, Jamo E875 or Kef Q5
    Guys I am in the US right now and need to decide on the speakers within the next 2 days. I have a Rotel Int amp 100 x 2 and a NAD 521 CD player. The prices are as following: 1) Jamo E855 - $690 2) KEF Q5 - $450 3) Jamo E875 - $800 4) JM Lab 706 - Rs 22,000 in India (bookshelf) I listen to... weiterlesen → panditr am 14.11.2005 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 17.11.2005
  • Avatar von vpriyan 33 Jamo Concert E750 and E770
    Anyone heard this model in Jamo. It seems E750 is an EISA award winner. Please share your views on this. weiterlesen → vpriyan am 22.11.2006 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 29.11.2006
  • Avatar von mr_vishal 162 speakers for NAD C521BEE/C320BEE
    I am staying in Bangalore and I am planning to buy a stereo hi-fi. The electronics which i have chosen is CD Player - NAD C521BEE Amplifier - NAD C320BEE Please give me some recomendations for speakers that match perfectly with this duo. I have auditioned KEF cresta 30. will that be a good... weiterlesen → mr_vishal am 01.02.2005 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 13.09.2006
  • Avatar von Kamal 112 Lyritas budget HiFi
    Guys, Went across to Viren Bakshi’s (Lyrita Audio) place some days back for a listening session. EQUIPMENT-Single driver (Fostek make full range japanese 6.5” driver, google it for full specs ) Harmony speakers ,( they were abt 5’ tall with the driver in the middle giving you ear height... weiterlesen → Kamal am 04.10.2006 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 12.07.2007
  • Avatar von in_step 8 Speakers for NAD C352
    I am looking out for speakers(Mainly Bookshelf speakers) to go with my NAD C352 amplifier. I have already checked out PSB Image 1B and 2B, I was highly impressed with the NAD C352 and PSB Image 2B combination. Can you please let me know whether there are any bookshelf speakers in the same range... weiterlesen → in_step am 29.03.2005 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 29.03.2005
  • Avatar von kishore 6 a good stereo system
    I\'m from bangalore. i intend to buy a good stereo system. my budget is 40k to 50k. my initial choice was sonodyne sa-8000amp and sonodyne sonus 2605 floor standing speakers. i\'m also inetersted in yamaha ax-396 and ax-496 amplifier. can you recommend a good set of speakers to go with the... weiterlesen → kishore am 31.07.2004 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 12.08.2004
  • Avatar von particleman 43 Advice Needed: Scalable/Futureproof Speakers
    Note: this might sound like a Surround query but stuck it here in the Stereo section because in part that is what I\'m looking for right away, not the whole 5.1 set) Short Version I foolishly bought the Yamaha YHT-160 HTIB consisting of the Yamaha HTR-5830 (based on RX-V357) 5.1-channel AVR... weiterlesen → particleman am 12.04.2006 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 15.09.2007
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Technische Daten zu Quad 11L

  • Ausstattung
  • Anzahl Lautsprecher: n.a.
  • Belastbarkeit in Watt: 150
  • Wirkungsgrad in dB: 86
  • Untere Grenzfrequenz in Hz: 45
  • Obere Grenzfrequenz in Hz: 24000
  • Multiroom: nein
  • Generelle Merkmale
  • Produkttyp: Stereo Front-Lautsprecher
  • Lautsprecher-Typ: Passiv-Komponentenlautsprecher
  • Soundbar/Soundbase: nein
  • Systemtyp: n.a.
  • Größe / Gewicht
  • Höhe in mm: 325
  • Tiefe in mm: 243
  • Breite in mm: 190
  • Anschlüsse
  • Bluetooth: nein
  • Ethernet-Anschluss: nein
  • HDMI-Anschluss: n.a.
  • MP3-Player Docking-Anschluss: nein
  • Anzahl analoger Audio-Eingänge (Cinch): nicht vorhanden
  • WLAN: nein
  • AirPlay kompatibel: nein
  • Docking-Anschluss: nein
  • Lautsprecher
  • Kabellose Lautsprecher: nein