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Quad 11L Kompaktlautsprecher - Test, Reviews und Bewertungen

Stereo Front-Lautsprecher, 150 Watt, 86 dB Wirkungsgrad, 45 - 24000 Hz Frequenzgang

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  • Avatar von ddeora 8 Best Amp for Quad 11L? Nad vs Rotel vs Marantz vs CA
    Guys, I am in a dilemna about finding a good speaker / stereo amp match. I kinda liked the Nad c320bee and c352 but I also liked the Wharfedale 9.1 and Quad 11Ls and I think I would like to buy the Quad 11Ls. I found the Nads to emphasize the bass a bit more than I would like which I found... weiterlesen → ddeora am 09.02.2005 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 10.02.2005
  • Avatar von panditr 20 QUAD 11L speakers
    Can anybody help me to find a Quad dealer in Delhi. Also please recommend bookshelf speakers to go with a Rotel RA-1070. I am looking at bookshelf speakers as my room gets very boomy with bass even at low volumes. I am not fond of too much bass in my music. So any help will be appreciated.... weiterlesen → panditr am 01.08.2005 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 24.08.2005
  • Avatar von juggy_25 9 Quad Bookshelves (11L & 12L)
    Could someone give a review on Quad Bookshelves (11L and 12L). How is the Quad L-sub? weiterlesen → juggy_25 am 28.04.2006 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 03.05.2006
  • Avatar von Voodoo_CHild 21 NAD C320BEE or C325BEE
    Guys, What is the difference between NAD C320BEE and C325BEE? From the specs given on the NAD website these were the differences I observed between the two models; C320BEE Vs. C325BEE Rated distortion 0.03% 0.02% (THD 20Hz-20kHz) Damping factor... weiterlesen → Voodoo_CHild am 29.09.2006 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 13.10.2006
  • Avatar von panditr 10 Jamo E855, Jamo E875 or Kef Q5
    Guys I am in the US right now and need to decide on the speakers within the next 2 days. I have a Rotel Int amp 100 x 2 and a NAD 521 CD player. The prices are as following: 1) Jamo E855 - $690 2) KEF Q5 - $450 3) Jamo E875 - $800 4) JM Lab 706 - Rs 22,000 in India (bookshelf) I listen to... weiterlesen → panditr am 14.11.2005 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 17.11.2005
  • Avatar von vpriyan 33 Jamo Concert E750 and E770
    Anyone heard this model in Jamo. It seems E750 is an EISA award winner. Please share your views on this. weiterlesen → vpriyan am 22.11.2006 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 29.11.2006
  • Avatar von sammygeorge 25 speakers for NAD 320BEE
    Been scouting for suitable speakers for NAD 320BEE and had almost decided in favour of Wharfedale Diamond 9.1. But the salesperson cautioned me that it is not an appropriate combination. Is that true?? If so could the members suggest a suitable alternative? The salesman was also pitching in... weiterlesen → sammygeorge am 10.10.2005 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 30.11.2005
  • Avatar von mr_vishal 162 speakers for NAD C521BEE/C320BEE
    I am staying in Bangalore and I am planning to buy a stereo hi-fi. The electronics which i have chosen is CD Player - NAD C521BEE Amplifier - NAD C320BEE Please give me some recomendations for speakers that match perfectly with this duo. I have auditioned KEF cresta 30. will that be a good... weiterlesen → mr_vishal am 01.02.2005 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 13.09.2006
  • Avatar von Kamal 112 Lyritas budget HiFi
    Guys, Went across to Viren Bakshi’s (Lyrita Audio) place some days back for a listening session. EQUIPMENT-Single driver (Fostek make full range japanese 6.5” driver, google it for full specs ) Harmony speakers ,( they were abt 5’ tall with the driver in the middle giving you ear height... weiterlesen → Kamal am 04.10.2006 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 12.07.2007
  • Avatar von prasen_b 50 Advice on Stereo speak and sub combo
    I have been following this forum for the last 7-8 months. And I believe I can benefit from your suggestions and opinions. So here we go. >> The room size is 10 * 18. >> I mostly listen to R&B, hip-hop, smooth jazz, hindi songs and anything which sounds melodious to me. >> I currently have... weiterlesen → prasen_b am 18.02.2008 in Stereo (Engl.)  – Letzte Antwort am 21.04.2008
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Technische Daten zu Quad 11L

  • Generelle Merkmale
  • Anzahl Lautsprecher: n.a.
  • Produkttyp: Stereo Front-Lautsprecher
  • Lautsprecher-Typ: Passiver Komponentenlautsprecher
  • Soundprojektor: nein
  • Systemtyp: n.a.
  • Größe / Gewicht
  • Höhe in mm: 325
  • Tiefe in mm: 243
  • Breite in mm: 190
  • Ausstattung
  • Belastbarkeit in Watt: 150
  • Wirkungsgrad in dB: 86
  • Untere Grenzfrequenz in Hz: 45
  • Obere Grenzfrequenz in Hz: 24000
  • WLAN: nein
  • Anschlüsse
  • Bluetooth: nein
  • HDMI-Anschluss: n.a.
  • MP3-Player Docking-Anschluss: nein
  • Anzahl analoger Audio-Eingänge (Cinch): nicht vorhanden