Learn from this - Part-1.

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#1 erstellt: 03. Mai 2005, 17:26
Hi! Guys,
Here's some more info/advice etc to help you 2-ch buffs.

Two Channel Stereo (my favourite!)

Having made the decision to purchase a two-channel system, you must now decide whether you would prefer the superior performance quality of a component system, (Cambridge Audio, Marantz etc) or the aesthetic attractions of a lifestyle system.(eg BOSE, B&O etc)

Component system (this is basically seprates)

Component Hi-Fi is still the best way to achieve high quality sound. Component means that each section of your audio system, ie. amplifier, CD player, tape deck etc are housed in separate boxes. There are both advantages and disadvantages to this concept - however I believe that the advantages significantly outweigh the disadvantages.

Advantages: PLUS POINTS:-

Quality - both in terms of manufacture and audio reproduction. Each piece must stand in the market place in its own right, and has been designed to be competitive in this market place in terms of quality and price especially in India, where everyone is price conscious.

Upgradeability. As new formats come onto the market it is simply a case of adding them to the system - or even replacing existing formats. Like adding a dedicated D/A converter to your old CDP which has a digital out.

Continual Improvement. It is possible to upgrade any part of the system by simply replacing one component with another more current or improved unit. You can also tweak the system with pwr conds, cables, isolation platforms etc.

Service. If for example the CD player fails and is unserviceable, it is simply a matter of replacing that component rather than disposing of the entire system and starting afresh.


Generally large and can dominate the room, plsu all depends on WAF Factor.

Can be more expensive or ultra expensive stuff!

Lifestyle system (not my cup of tea for critical listening!) But ok for corporate offices and guys who want to show off the best (for you who are interested go buy B&O stuff now available in India at their Mumbai showroom).

Lifestyle systems usually house a number of components in one chassis, and utilise smaller more discrete speakers. Their design is intended to be a combination of performance and aesthetics. More aesthetics and all wives love them as they are small, cute, stylish and does not get in the way of her interiors & makes the architect/interior decorater very happy. The bums want to hide everything. Why cant they hide themselves too when it comes to the payments.:D


Visually pleasing

Usually simple to use


Some compromise in sound, holy smoke rather put that huge compromise in sound.

Difficult or impossible to upgrade to new formats. Use and throw.

If one component becomes unserviceable, the unit is valueless, had that experience personally with a system once.

If you are undecided about the relative merits of the two styles, drop into the stores and ask to listen to both concepts, at the same price points. Visit as many stores as possible. For heavens sake dont come to AP and ask for BOSE or B&O as I never intend selling them.

This is the only way that you will be able to ascertain whether the appearance value of a lifestyle system warrants the loss of performance. Unfortunately, this is one decision that only you & your better-half or worse half can make, every individual will place a different value on performance v's aesthetics.

You Decide?????????????? Did you????????????????

Hope this was helpful. More next part.


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#2 erstellt: 10. Mai 2005, 04:46
nice and simple!! good advise.

Totally agree with you on most of what u have said.... by buying seperate components the biggest advantage u have is a chance to build up on strengths and minimize weaknesses individuallyu and then of course in totality.

#3 erstellt: 10. Mai 2005, 04:58

By buying saperates the sonic quality improves alot. Ofcourse they add good asthetic appeal to the room.

check this..
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