how do i?

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#1 erstellt: 05. Jun 2005, 13:10
how do i use my car amp in the house? i no how to wire it all up but i dont no how i would do the power supply? any idea? cheers.
#2 erstellt: 05. Jun 2005, 22:54
Isnt the source to a car amp a 12 V DC ?

Do confirm that from the spe"cs.. if that is aso any good Rectifier giving that DC output should be good..

I think most Car amps are class D amps.. you might get better results with a used stereo amp though !
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#3 erstellt: 08. Jun 2005, 16:05
Not very practical - you would need a 12V, 10 amps supply adapter - not very common off the shelf and would set you back quite a few grand.
#4 erstellt: 08. Jun 2005, 19:06
Thats true ravi,
I missed out on the amperage req.afterall most car speakers are Ohm.
One way might be a regulated powersupply from some place like .

like this
#5 erstellt: 09. Jun 2005, 18:21
the case is that...

one practical example...

if the amp rating is about 120 watts rating then with a 12 volts source one need to have 10 amps as trans requirement..but in practice instantaneous outputs can easily drag double current so for safe side one need to go upto 20 amps so that your amp will be safe and your transformer will be cool...
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#6 erstellt: 10. Jun 2005, 06:25
I guess I was mistaken - the amperage number is even larger due to multi-channel. Can be calculated as follows -

Per Channel -
Power = Current^2 * Speaker-Impedance

So assuming a 2ohm speaker impedance and a 50W/ch amp, the total current would be 5A * 4 = 20A. With other allowances and peak margins, we would need a 40 amps supply.

If it is a bridge configuration with 4ohm speaker, the corresponding figure is 14A, and with peak margins, becomes 28 amps.
#7 erstellt: 14. Jun 2005, 06:24
yes u need a very massive trans for this...
#8 erstellt: 14. Jun 2005, 07:49
moral of the amps are best heard and installed in a car !

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