How do i use my stereo as PC speakers

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#1 erstellt: 18. Feb 2004, 04:32
hey guys...
i would just like to ask a question
how would i go about putting music from my computer directly onto a cassette tape (audio) i need to do this so i can listen to music in my car.
i have tried (unsuccessfully) to hook my stereo up to my computer using a cord that connects the speakers hole in my PC to the headphones hole in my stereo.
ive done this before but i had to first put the music onto a CD, which is a waste because then the CD is useless because i barely listen to CDs

I know this is possible because my friend used to use his cassette player as speakers...and i assume that if you could get your cassette player to play your computer sounds you could also record them also

Please help me on this issue...thanks
#2 erstellt: 18. Feb 2004, 04:55
Does your stereo have a "recorder Hole" ? ;D

The headphone jack is an output and you definitely cannot record that way as sound is supposed to Come out from it ..not go in.

If your stereo as and "Aux in" then all you need to do is connect you pc to this and record the same wsa as you record from a CD
If you do not have that option , Usually the Microphone in (mic in) would be the point for sound to go in and connecting that to the headphone out of your PC soundcard should be good enough.

BTW CDRW's may not be a bad Idea as you can keep erasing them that way and reuse the cd..but then your stereo must recognize that format..
#3 erstellt: 18. Feb 2004, 05:06
thanks for the reply Arj...
it turns out my stero system is not as good as it looks
the piece of crap doesnt have mic compatibility or a aux in plug... (that i could see)

i doubt it would be able to recognize cdrws either...
ill try it on my girlfriends stereo system though...

thanks again Arj
#4 erstellt: 18. Feb 2004, 08:59
what you can also do is get a wire with the EP pin(headphone) at one end and RCA at the other.

Shove the RCA part into the line in of the tape deck and start to record.

another way to record is to put the RCA cable from the PC into the aux in RCA at the back of the amp. Take another cable from the aux out of the amp and put it into the line in of the tape deck this way you will be able to hear what is being recorded.

Either way is OK.

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