How do computers filter frequencies?

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#1 erstellt: 30. Jul 2005, 17:22
My computer using an n-Force 2 sound card is capable of separating the low frequencies and sending it to the subwoofer output. Does anyone know how this filtering takes place in a computer? Is it better than using a passive crossover in the subwoofer or speaker?
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#2 erstellt: 30. Jul 2005, 21:39
You could look up any book on Digital Signal Processing for more details about digital filters - its is implented inside the soundard processor or ASIC. The performance of a digital filter depends largely on how it is implemented - it could range from worst, to the best even surpassing passive filters if implemented perfectly. Passive filters have serious real world limitations that digital processing does not. For eg; we could get a 36db/octave rolloff with a +/-0.01db passband and stopband ripple very easily by throwing a few hundred gates more into the digital filter design - but it would require ideal passive devices that dont exist to realize it in an analog world. So, there is no way to generically say whether the n-Force2 filter is really good - it depends!
Most HT AVRs also use very similar digital filtering techniqies - so maybe we could expect the card to be about the same performance as a midend AVR.
#3 erstellt: 02. Aug 2005, 11:37
Thanks Ravi, If you know any websites that explain DSP, do let me know.
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#4 erstellt: 02. Aug 2005, 12:19

Neutral schrieb:
If you know any websites that explain DSP

Would'nt that be great......Its way too deep to be explained in a simple web page...needs a lot of enggineering math .

Then again Ravi may know a site which may help u know what exactly it deals with..
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