help! sub wanted

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#1 erstellt: 02. Dez 2004, 18:09
hi everybody!

haven't been around lately, i've been busy with my front install...

i've bought Ground Zero GZRC16, sounds good

now, i want to replace my sub.

i'm thinking between Kicker Comp 12, Pioneer TS-W305C or TS-W305F.

what is the difference between the 305C and 305F models?
has anybody heard them? how do they sound?
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#2 erstellt: 02. Dez 2004, 18:24

I´ve never hear a Pioneer Sub.
So I couldn´t say many about it.

I´ve take a look on and could
see the difference of this two pionner subs.

The type f play with a bigger volume as the type c.
So he could play with more volume. It´s a freeair subwoofer. (There are not like in this forum)
It´s good if you have enough "space"? in your car.

But I can´t say what´s the best for you.
What car you have and how much money you will invest for the sub?

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#3 erstellt: 03. Dez 2004, 02:11
i have a 2001 saxo 1.1, this will probably be connected to 100 rms (2x50 bridged)
the money is the problem tho...
i'm a student so my budget is pretty limited...
i'm ready to go up to 100€ for my sub + i'll make my own box, so that'll cost me another 10-15€
#4 erstellt: 03. Dez 2004, 06:05
Take a look at the Spirit L30 Sub. But i think he needs more Power than 100 RMS. Axton Subs have a good sound for low money. A litte bit more expensive is the Atomic Energy Woofer it can play very good with 100 Watts.
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#5 erstellt: 04. Dez 2004, 15:55
and what do you say between a pioneer TS-W305C or a Rockford Fosgate Agressor 12"?
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4 channel or 2
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Pioneer TS-W305F
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what do you have to say...
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