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#1 erstellt: 30. Jul 2005, 21:32
Hey Leute,
lese nun schon seit einiger Zeit mit großem Intresse durch dieses Forum...
Nun habe ich auch mal eine Frage: Betreibe nun seit einigen Jahren die alte Anlage meines Dad`s... und da kommen wir auch schon zur Frage, die Boxen sind von Sansui und zwar die SP-3500, dazu finde ich leider recht wenige Informationen im I-Net, könnt ihr mir da vielleicht weiterhelfen!?! (Bedienungsanleitungen, Tests, eigene Erfahrungen usw...) Bin absolut zufrieden damit daher möchte ich auch gerne mehr darüber wissen, leider bringt die Forumssuche keine Ergebnisse...
Befeuert wird das ganze von einem Marantz 2245, bin begeistert von den Komponenten und auch deren Qualität, laufen die letzten 30 Jahre ohne größere Probleme!

Gruß Micha
#2 erstellt: 31. Jul 2005, 07:06
Hallo Micha,

no Problem, aus meinem Archiv.
Quelle: Sansui Prospekt von Anfang der

SP-3500 4-WAY 6-SPEAKER MULTI-DIRECTION SPEAKER SYSTEM Perhaps the most timely speaker system ever introduced, this new 100 watt Multi-Direction (MD)system takes you beyond the reproduction of sound source points to an incredibly lifelike method of reproduction approximating that of an original sound field. This makes the SP-3500 the foremost system available today for the new age of 4-channel stereo. The secret to the SP-3500's living sound lies in its Multi-Direction System, a new way of angle-mounting speakers within the enclosure to re-create within the listening room the complex interference of sound waves present in the original sound field. All six of the SP-3500's speakers, including a newly developed 14-inch woofer, were specifically selected to achieve this effect. Even Sansui's famed Kumiko fretwork grille has been redesigned in the SP-3500. lt now is gracefully curved to add to the overall elegance of this new system. For a totally new experience in sound reproduction, make it a point to audition the SP-3500 now.
4-WAY 6-SPEAKER, 100 WATTS: The SP-3500 is of a 4-way 6-speaker design, consisting of a large 14-inch mechanical high-cut type, high compliance woofer, a 4Y2- by 2-inch horn midrange with a sound diffuser and a pair of Multi-Direction (MD) system 4-inch cone midranges with aluminum radiators. Plus a pair of 2-inch MD system horn tweeters for the highs. Thanks to the use of specially constructed, rugged voice coils, the system is able to handle up to 100 watts in power input.
MULTI-DIRECTION (MD) SYSTEM: This is a new way of mounting individual speaker units inside a speaker system, to better reproduce in your own room the exciting liveliness or sense of 'presence' experienced in a concert hall or jazz club. The MD System is based on increasing the interaction of sound waves by criss-crossing the sounds emitted by the individual speakers. This results in a unique sound field effect unobtainable by simply widening the dispersion of sound. In the MD System, midranges and tweeters are angle-mounted so that they produce an acoustic interference fringe-a whirlpool of sound-inside the listening room.
NEWLY DESIGNED WOOFER: The newly developed mechanical high-cut type woofer of the SP3500 permits the output signal of the amplifier to be fed directly into the woofer, bypassing the crossover network. The result is a very smooth frequency response even at very low frequencies, which in turn results in extremely well-damped rich bass sound. This special design is unique with Sansui. Another outstanding advantage of this woofer is found in its high compliance. The woofer achieves a stable piston action with superior transient response even in the face of big power inputs. Quality copper coil, brass bobbin, and a cone of carefully selected pulp help to improve the speaker's frequency response as well as its sound diffusion at extremely low frequencies.
HORN MIDRANGE: Sansui engineers have placed a lot of emphasis on the midranges-those important frequencies where the vast majority of musical instruments perform-in the SP3500. One of the speakers used is a 4~72- by 2inch midrange for the frequencies from 2,000 to 6,500Hz. While the cut-off frequency of this speaker is set as low as 800Hz, it is intentionally used in the higher frequencies to eliminate the obnoxious metallic feeling unique to a horn speaker. A short-cut, exponential type die-cast from aluminum, this speaker is fronted with a sound diffuser (acoustic lens), giving it excellent sound dispersion characteristics. It also utilizes a 25mmy5 titan diaphragm for top timbre qualities.
CONE MIDRANGES: Two 4-inch cone midranges are mounted at an interior angle of 15 degrees to the front as a part of the SP-3500's MD System. Together with the horn midrange speaker, they handle the midrange sound in an 'acoustic staggering system' for greater depth and richness of reproduced sound. Each of the cone speakers has a newly developed concave aluminum dome radiator directly mounted on its voice coil bobbin. This permits a very smooth transition to the tweeters with virtually no phase agitation, and helps to improve the diffusion of reproduced sound as well. Designed to effectively diffuse radiated heat, each speaker is able to withstand big power input. The rear of each speaker is sealed with big-cavity plastic covers lined with abundant acetate sound absorbent to completely prevent woofer interference.

TWEETERS: The SP-3500 also employs a pair of horn tweeters. Positioned just like the cone midranges, the two achieve the excellent sound dispersion qualities unique to the MD System. Each tweeter is a new concept horn speaker which is responsible only for frequencies over 6,500Hz. Transition to the midranges is exceptionally smooth. Each tweeter makes use of a 19mmy5 polyester diaphragm to realize pleasant, light and transparent timbre.
NEWLY DEVELOPED CROSSOVER NETWORK: The SP-3500 is equipped with a high-performance LC type network utilizing an ideal E-type ferrite core and a printed circuit board design for greater reliability. In addition, it is provided with level controls for the midranges and tweeters. Of a unique 3-step (SOFT, NATURAL and CLEAR) 'tap-down' switch design, these permit accurate level control and are relatively free from the faulty contact and performance deterioration so common to the conventional resistor-type attenuators. They permit selecting the tonal quality best suited to the acoustic condition of the room or the listener's preference.
BASS-REFLEX TYPE CHIPBOARD ENCLOSURE: The speaker enclosure adopts adapted bass-reflex design, making use of two filled pipe ducts and combining the advantages of both the air suspension and bass-reflex designs. It completely avoids any unnatural increase in sound pressure at low frequencies, effectively prevents unpleasant 'cabinet resonance', and offers a flat frequency characteristic and a very low distortion factor. Manufactured of solid chipboard and covered with open-pore finished natural walnut, the rugged enclosure is able to reproduce the heavy rich bass of a pipe organ or any other instrument.
CURVED KUMIKO FRETWORK GRILLE: The SP-3500 is graced with a beautiful, hand-carved 'Kumiko' fretwork grille like other Sansui speaker systems. The difference here, however, is that it is curved for still better appearance and a noticeably better sound diffusing effect. It adds more than ever to the decor of any room.
PUSHBUTTON CONNECTION TERMINALS: Connections are almost effortless with the SP3500, thanks to the adoption of foolproof pushbutton type connection terminals. Just push the terminal button, insert in the opening, and release the button. This system also minimizes the possibility of short circuits at the speaker terminals.

WOOFER35cm (14")x l
MIDRANGE-1l0cm (4")x2 cone-type
MIDRANGE-2l0x5cm (4"x2")xl horn-type
TWEETER5cm (2")x2 horn-type
FREQUENCY RANGE40-20,000Hz (anechoic chamber) 25-20,000Hz (normal listening room)
CROSSOVER NETWORK4-way 12dB/oct. parallel type
CROSSOVER FREQUENCIES700Hz, 2,000Hz, 6,500Hz DIMENSIONS640mm H x 450mm W x 290mm D
WEIGHT26.4kg 31kg (packed)
FINISHwalnut open pore


#3 erstellt: 31. Jul 2005, 19:46
Wunderbar! Vielen Dank für die Infos!
Lässt sich im allgemeinen was über die Qualität sagen, z.B. durch Testberichte aus der Zeit oder irgendetwas in der Art!?
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