Heco 700 and 200 Tweeters

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#1 erstellt: 15. Jun 2012, 18:53
Hello to all my German friends,

I am from India and Audio enthusiast. Recently I purchased Heco Victa 700 and 200 from Amazon.de. After three days when my speakers arrived to India one of Heco Victa 700 FS's tweeter stopped working. I tried to contact Heco-Audio.de for replacement tweeter but could not establish contact with them. In the meantime I opened Heco Victa 200 to replace its tweeter in Heco 700 FS and in the process it is also damaged.

One was previously damaged and one was damaged by me. .

No way I am able to contact www.Heco-Audio.de. I tried to call them but most of the Technical persons speak German so I could not converse with them. From their email I am not getting response. Warranty is not applicable in India.

I am in deep trouble and could not contact them and my speakers are lying as it is.

Can any of you German friends arrange two tweeters one For Heco Victa 700 and one for Heco Victa 200 from Germany and send it to me at India. I will pay you through Paypal or any other method to you to get these replacement parts & I will be obliged always for you.

Please, Please somebody from Germany help me getting these tweeters. It is sincere request.
#2 erstellt: 16. Jun 2012, 04:44
Anybody there for help?
#3 erstellt: 16. Jun 2012, 16:23
Please make a few pictures from the tweeters. Than we will see.
#4 erstellt: 16. Jun 2012, 18:03
You are guardian angel for me. It is ray of hope.

Heco 700 Tweeter

Heco 200 Tweeter.

Here are these two models and my speakers photo. Apology for not good photo. You can search on internet also Heco Victa 700 and 200 you will get plenty of it.

Please help me to find. Please give call to www.heco-audio.de and find if they can ship it to me. Otherwise you find the price and I will pay you price+shipping charge through Paypal.

Many thanks for replying my post.
#5 erstellt: 16. Jun 2012, 18:13
i try to get contact to Heco. I will give you reply if i know anything. It will take a few days.
Best regards to India

Is the Box checked that the fault is really the tweeter? There are a few more posibillitys because of not working.

[Beitrag von seychellenmanus am 16. Jun 2012, 18:15 bearbeitet]
#6 erstellt: 16. Jun 2012, 18:23
Actually, one of the Heco Victa 700 Tweeter is stopped working after three days. Other one working fine.
Heco Victa 200's tweeter is busted by me.

Other possibility is crossover/internal wiring damage, which I do not think so.

Best Regards to Germany as well.

[Beitrag von audacity-in am 16. Jun 2012, 18:23 bearbeitet]
#7 erstellt: 16. Jun 2012, 18:37
OK if you have checked there is no other possibility for the fault the tweeters will be damaged.

You can make a second check on both damaged tweeters with a multimeter. Check the resistance. If there is overload resistance the tweeters will be damaged.
#8 erstellt: 16. Jun 2012, 19:54
I checked with multimeter and result is tweeter is damaged. I did continuity test and resistance test both results came negative. It is concluded that both the tweeters got damaged. . Need to replace both of them.
#9 erstellt: 16. Jun 2012, 20:46
OK so the diagnostic is correct.
I will let you know when i reached something.
#10 erstellt: 24. Jun 2012, 15:31
Hello everybody,
I have the same problem. I bought Heco Victa 701 and 301 and after few weeks have same problem. One of the 701 tweeters failed. I contact ebay member and he send to me replacement one, of course i paid for it. But after month another 701 tweeter failed. I think the quality is poor of heco tweeters. Now i am looking for another tweeter to buy, because ebay member ignore me. I tryed to contact Heco.de but had no answers from them. Can anyone help me to buy same tweeter? Sorry for my poor english.
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