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#1 erstellt: 17. Aug 2007, 11:01

Ich brauche Hilfe. Könnte Jemand mir erteilen wo kann ich
finden Akkus für meine SONY TCD-D3 DAT WALKMAN. Habe schon alles probierte aber kein Lösung so Weit.

Danke für Ihre Antwort.


#2 erstellt: 18. Aug 2007, 13:28

THIS is a problem not easily solved!

First, the battery (6V, 1.5Amp)

Typeno. = BP-D3
Sony Partno. = 1-528-334-11 (AEP, EA)
Sony Partn0. = 1-528-333-11 (US, CND, UK, E, AUS)

You are right, the batterypack is not supplied any more.
HOWEVER, most custom batterypacks are just custom on the OUT-side. IN-side they consist of standard AA-, C- or even D-cells. In your case they are NiCD cells I believe, because of the age. In most cases they could just be replaced with modern NiMH cells of the same physical size. The gain will be higher yield of performance. The existing pack runs around 2 hours. If replaced with NiMH expect closer to 3- 3.5 hours.
So, you should OPEN the old pack in some way. Carefully, because it doesn't live shielded in some battery compartment but is part of the recorders exterior and you don't want scars on your vintage jewel
If it's clearly seen the pack is made by 2 halves, just glued together, I usually put it in a wise and SQUEEZE it. The plastic will snap open along the glued edges in some weaker places and the rest can be done carefully by hand with a knife and a broad screwdriver.
If it's not made out by 2 halves, but looks moulded into one piece, it's going to be harder. Cutting/sawing in the only way and that's going to leave scars. Still, you must open it.
Inside you'll find the cells, connected in series. 5 of them, most likely (5 x 1,2V = 6V). Measure length and diameter and try to find what's available within measurements. If you have to choose smaller cells, don't worry. They have at least the same capacity as the originals. The new cells should be bought with metal strips already at each end for easy soldering. Before final re-assembly/glueing, try to just keep things in place by wrapping a couple of rubber-bands around the pack. Does it charge? does it run for at least a couple of hours on a charge? If so, it's time to do the final re-assembly.
....and probably to invite the family for a small party, celebrating

Sorry, just don't know how to write all of this in German.

Kind regards,


I have the Service-Manual in pdf-format. It's yours for free if you send me a PM with your e-mail address.
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