Centrum products? (English)

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#1 erstellt: 13. Dez 2003, 20:02
Well hello there..

First of all I'm writing in english, since I am danish and cant understand that much german. A little, but not all..

My questions are:

Are the centrum products any good?

I'm thinking very very much of buying : http://www.netonnet.de/item.asp?iid=51565
And i would of course like to know about all of the things.

Mainly the Titan 500? But of course also the other things if you know anything about them??

Sorry if it's in the wrong forum..

Please answer in english (or very easy german, that is easy to translate), that would be great

Thanks in advance

Schaut ab und zu mal vorbei
#2 erstellt: 17. Dez 2003, 19:07
I got the Centrum Titan 500 Amplifier and i think itsa realy good product.
First of all its very cheap!!
And the soundquality is in my opinion also really good.

If you wan´t to know something special about the Titan 500 then feel free to ask.
#3 erstellt: 17. Dez 2003, 20:44
Hi Alex

for the price what you have to pay : Yes

If you would like a cheap but still good entry receiver in to the home cinema world than the centrum is adviseable

if yoou are a more experienced listener pay a bit maore!
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