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#1 erstellt: 06. Aug 2004, 07:31

I am from Hyderabad, India. I am interested in buying a NAD T743 Reciever, NAD C521BEE CD player and PSB Image4T (or Image 45, whatever is available) floor standing speakers. What do you think about the combination? Have any of you guys tried this combination? The questions I have is:

1. Can I get it in Hyd or do I have to buy it from Bombay (10octaves)? Please let me know, if you know of any place in Hyd where I can audition them all together.

2. I tried sending few e-mails to regarding this but haven't recieved any reply yet. Is there any way to contact them?


#2 erstellt: 06. Aug 2004, 15:16
Hi there,

I have heard the PSB image 4T with the nad and it sounds good.

10 octaves is out of business.....but I think the same people have teamed up with lakozy in bombay and nad is being retailed/distributed from Lakozy. You could contact them and ask them for their hyderabad dealer/retailer outlet.

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#3 erstellt: 09. Aug 2004, 05:39

Thanks for the info. However, could you please give me the contact info. for Lakozy? I will appreciate that.

#4 erstellt: 09. Aug 2004, 07:33
I dont really have the number on me but I'll find out and let you know.

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#5 erstellt: 09. Aug 2004, 10:06
Thanks Manek.

Could you describe a little bit about your experience using the NAD components you have. Since the components I am looking at are almost the same what you have. I would like to know about your opinion. Do you also stay in Bombay? If so, how are the services of the people who sold you these items?

#6 erstellt: 10. Aug 2004, 09:26

Yes I live in Bombay.
The NAD components I own are NAD521i CDP and NAD320BEE amp. I think it is great for the money. My ownership experience has been really good. I own them now for more than a year and touch wood, both are working very well. I have paired them up with Cadence Arita Speakers and they make a mindblowing combination.

I have not had the chance to sample after sales service from than nad dealer and I hope I dont have to :-) Ofcourse when they want to sell you stuff they are all very nice to you. Once after sales service is sought then the true colours show.

NAD is a very sturdy product, especially the 320bee amp.

lakozy telephone number : 91-22-23697001/2
fax : 91-22-23698001

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#7 erstellt: 10. Aug 2004, 14:33

Thanks a lot for your input and the info. Let me talk to them and see what transpires.

Manas Ratha of 10 Octaves mentioned to me a while ago that Supra Cable (of Sweden) are a good combination for NAD-PSB as interconnects. I was wondering whether you know anything about the. What else do you recommend (and where can I get them)?
#8 erstellt: 10. Aug 2004, 19:34
Have you had an opportunity to listen and compare them to any other ?

NAD and Rotel are two companies with excellent Value for money products and it is very diffcult to go wrong with them.

I did hear the Image series some time back and felt it was designed with the Home theater in mind (Unlike their Stratus range). but these played Rock very well ! it was only with older hindi songs that there was a harshness to it ..which did not seem to be present with the Stratus and the same AMP/CD setup..

Anyway NAD is a good option to go along as it has a slightly warm nature and hence should go well with the image series . also it can drive the PSBs quite well enough.

In case you are going to use this setup only for Audio, i would recommend Maneks AMP setup ie the 320BEE unless you would want it to double your system as a home theater as which case u would want 3 more speakers !


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#9 erstellt: 11. Aug 2004, 07:38

Thanks for your suggestions. You know the problem I have is that I don't live in Bombay and in my opinion Hyd is quite primitive (no offense meant). I just moved back from US permanently (I am missing those clean road and many more........) and thus I don't have access to lot of stuff. I have a friend who owns Marantz and very happy with it. I heard that as well as NAD and I liked NAD very much (not direct comparison but...). I almost bought the NAD stuff from a store in Chicago called Saturday Audio ( which is an authorized dealer for NAD)for damn cheap price. I also saw that lot of people saying good things about NAD stuff in this forum as well as in another forum ( and thus decided on it. I have heard Rotel and it sounds great but I guess NAD is the only one which fits within my budget. I hope I am taking a correct decision. I will let you guys about my experience once I speak with these people and buy the stuff.
#10 erstellt: 11. Aug 2004, 13:05
hey, As i remember NAD has a dealer outlet in Hydearbad called sound and vision. Why dont you pick up a copy of the AVMax magazine and you will find their ad in there. I remember seeing the ad very often. They have many other products as well.

BTW I use Van Den Hul and transparent audio cabling for by system. Havent heard the supra so cant comment on it.

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#11 erstellt: 16. Aug 2004, 10:41

Thanks a million for that info. Infact I just spoke to him. too bad he doesn't keep that here on display but he will order it once I order and get it for me.

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#12 erstellt: 03. Jan 2005, 17:21
Any Idea of the cost of Image 4 T?
#13 erstellt: 04. Jan 2005, 14:42
I think the image series have been upgraded. The last I heard image 4t was going for 39k...dont know about the new series though.
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