kef speakers need repair - bombay

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#1 erstellt: 09. Mrz 2004, 07:08
manek seems to know india and bombay. my 17 year old KEF speakers (102.3) - one of them - needs repair. it is barely playing. I switch the speaker cables so I know it is the speaker, not the channels or the cables. i don't know if it is the driver itself or some loose connection. do you know anyone in bombay, or following that, India, who can disgnose - and then repair? I hope its not LaKozy. Years back I had taken my Sony CD player there and after keeping it for almost 1 year and never fixing it, I took it home and called some other person. They openeed it in front of me and showed me that the whole laser reader system had been removed.

and as long as I am on a roll here - do you know anyone in bombay who can do a good maintenance cleaning on my power but especially pre-amp (NAD). the dust is killing. I keep having to twist the volume and balance knobs to clear dust to get the good sound back. My marantz CD changer will probably need cleaning also. since I don't have music because of the speaker, I might as well get it all done.

#2 erstellt: 09. Mrz 2004, 08:48
Bombay...PRO FX Audio are distributors for KEF in India...Its a subsidiary of BPL. They sell KEF,cellestion and Denon, is also their authorised service centre. They have a retail outlet at crossroads. try contacting them.

NAD distributor is also located in Bombay called 10 octaves in bandra opp pizza hut. You could contact them for the nad.

Marantz distributor is Nova audio also located in khar, tel : 26007700..If I remember correctly the person there is sanjay thakur...maybe he can help you.

I have not personally had any of my equipment serviced from either of them yet. So I guess please be carefull.
#3 erstellt: 22. Mrz 2004, 08:13
any luck with the repairs ?

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