Onkyo HTS-570 or Denon AVR1404 or anything at 30K? Help

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#1 erstellt: 20. Feb 2005, 18:25
Joined forum today.

I had almost decided on Onkyo HTS-570 5.1 AV Receiver Home theater package 5x100W 8Ohms( SKF-320F front speakers, SKC-320C Center speaker, SKM-320S surround speakers) and SKW-320X Bass Reflex Powered Sub Woofer(100W)
Price offered at Onkyo showroom at Bangalore : Rs 30,000

Meets my budget and for mostly movie watching with DVD.

I saw on the forum that Onkyo has been hyped at AV Mag and now i have put a brake on this for now.

I also took a demo of Denon AVR 1404 (Rs 23000) at Profx showroom,MG Road,Bangalore ..which i felt was better than Onkyo AV.

Speakers offered were H514 at Rs 21,000 ..

Now , i was wondering what to do?
A) Take the value offer of Onkyo (it has subwoofer too)
B) Take Denon AV now and buy Denon speakers H514 maybe after few months (Maybe use it with my 4ohm Onkyo speakers 20W till then)
C) Look for Yamaha AV with a good speaker set up.

Help needed please....
#2 erstellt: 21. Feb 2005, 06:49
if it really belches 100*5 should not be your concern, but how well it performed when you watched your favourite scene.or how good the surrounds were reproduced.or how did the shotgun sound from terminator.....??. Evaluate all these and so far as my knowledge goes I feel entry level HTP's also sound loud,..but whether it's quality sound is another question.If you have 25 into 5 wrms and the sound is distortion free with good speakers you'll enjoy the movie more than a 100 or maybe 250 into 5 wrms .I've noticed that sales people at ONKYO are too talkative and he thinks that he's a techincal guru and you are a fool with some thousands to shell out. Give him a shake down.tell him to keep shut while auditioning and watch the fun.
#3 erstellt: 21. Feb 2005, 11:56
If you feel you can wait for some time and increase your budget don't hurry up.......listen .listen and listen.......you will end up at a better buying decision..
#4 erstellt: 21. Feb 2005, 17:37
Thx..for the advise..surely onkyo guys need a showdown
#5 erstellt: 22. Feb 2005, 06:38
esp guy named viswas he's the manger.me thinks he does a favour by letting customers into the shop..........
#6 erstellt: 22. Feb 2005, 10:35
and considering the fact that HTS570 retails at $270 in US .they are looting us here...at 30K you can actually get HTS770 if ONKYO uses fair trading practice
#7 erstellt: 22. Feb 2005, 13:38
I agree...Have not met Vishwas but met Lokesh...
#8 erstellt: 24. Feb 2005, 14:42
Hi Anilkool,
What I suggest you is, go for a Sonodyne entry level powered sub (at 12k), check out for satts from brands like Torvin or even Space (space has good satts at a very reasonable price) and then look for an AV receiver in 15 - 20k budget. You can also check out other brands like Lithos (in mumbai), Acoustics Portrait. All of them do have HT package (only acoustics) in 20k range. Once you get your acoustics in this budget, you can then start looking for a receiver within 15k - 17k range. I stressed upon Sonodyne sub because they are tooooo good in that price and you should afford them. As for Onkyo, I have also auditioned the package you have mentioned, they were ok but their Sub was a total let down. Ask them if they can give you the package without the sub at a reduced price, then you can get the sub from outside. I didnt recommend Sonodyne satts as they are expensive. Do some more research before settling down for an easy offer. You will find so many new things around you.
#9 erstellt: 25. Feb 2005, 12:30
""no buying components seperately.or deducting a particular component from a HT package is not possible...""...""we cannot do that"".is the polite answers anyone would expect from the customer friendly Onkyo guys.....so jump into it......or stay away......gulp gulp ...burrrp
#10 erstellt: 25. Feb 2005, 13:57
Then I suggest, you better do some more research in this arena. I am sure you will get better sounding products. Consider the brands I have mentioned above, they all have good entry level HT packages.
#11 erstellt: 26. Feb 2005, 03:19
Thx all..

maybe i wd buy AV only now, and add-on speakers as and when i can afford..thats a good bet i believe..

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